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Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada features a delicious flavor lineup determined to satisfy even the pickiest of palettes. Ranging from sweet fruit to earthy tobacco, our pages are filled with flavors that beg for a chance to be transformed from liquid to cloud form.

Our prices reflect a wholesale pricing structure so you know you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck. When you purchase in bulk, you’ll be taking advantage of these great prices, while satisfying your vape taste buds with our awesome vaping products lineup! Instead of looking through page upon page filled with confusing hardware that often leaves you wondering what vape setup to go with, we focus on “Just E Juice” so you can focus on the best part of vaping: the flavors!

E Juice is one of the most challenging yet most rewarding topics about vaping. There are so many ways to make even a single flavor of e juice, because everyone makes it differently.

For example, a strawberry milkshake e liquid is one of the most common flavors, yet there are so many variations. There can be a strong taste of strawberries, but not quite a strong enough “milk flavor.” There can be concoctions of this flavor that leave you wanting more strawberries and less cream instead of the faint berry aftertaste your e juice leaves you with. There can be an overwhelming throat hit that leaves you coughing and eyeing the bottle of e juice with great disdain.

And then think of the nicotine levels; when you upgrade to a larger tank with multiple coils, the nicotine throat hit will be much more prevalent (and sometimes unbearable) since most electronic cigarette tanks are capable of 100+ wattage. Choosing an e juice can be an enjoyable journey, and here at Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada, we strive to make that journey just a little easier.

Our awesome flavors are crafted with care and with the customer in mind, ensuring huge plumes of puffy clouds, perfect for flavor-crazed vapers. We’re constantly thinking of the next great flavor to come up with, so if you don’t see something you like, let us know! Our vape scientists are always hard at work in our e juice brewing lab, and we’d love to make something that other vapers can purchase and enjoy all year long.

Here at Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada, we love to hear your feedback. We encourage ratings and reviews of our products, so that we can enhance our flavors if needed, as well as hear how our customers utilize and what they think of their purchases. See for yourself what the most popular flavors are, with reviews from real customers giving their honest opinion. You can check out new flavors, as well as consider some flavors you might have overlooked.

In addition, to our fantastic lineup of e liquid flavors, Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada offers an option to become a tiered member. E Juice Bronze allows you to save 15% on your orders; after two orders, you automatically progress to the E Juice Silver level. After placing three orders, you’ll progress to the E Juice Gold level.

While all three levels grant access to exclusive offers, notifications of new vape e liquids, and new e juice coupons, the E Juice Gold level offers free samples of e liquid! These free samples will be placed in your order and whisked away to you as quickly as possible! And who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?!

In our Latest Vapes, News & Announcements, you’ll find blog posts on just about anything, from vaper profiles and categories of vapers to vaping do’s and don’ts.

This section is where you can browse articles on popular vaping topics, and even post questions about vaping that you might not know the answer to. This section of Justejuice Wholesale Bulk Vaping Products Canada was designed to educate, inform, and delight fellow vapers. Check back consistently to see new articles about topics that every vaper can relate to.

Finally, the newsletter section allows you to stay up-to-date with constant emails that let you see the latest new, events, and announcements. For those of us vapers that are constantly on the go, this feature lets us see the current events on Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada. Along with discount coupons, reviews, and current events, subscribing to our newsletter will keep you constantly in the know!

Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada brings a refreshing site to vapers of all ages, allowing you to browse flavor profiles to match any vape taste buds. Fruits, tobacco, beverages, and more await your tank and beg for the chance to be converted into cloud form. Take your clouds with you wherever you go, and let us fulfill all of your vaping needs!

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We Never Leave You In The Dark: One of the highest claimed but poorest delivered on promises by company’s these days is good Customer Service, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find. How many times have you been placed on hold because of,”Higher Than Normal Call Volume?” Or emailing a business inquiry on a product or service and receiving a return email days later, if at all? These are common customer service complaints which are annoying at best. This is why we work hard to maintain our commitment by providing you the kind of Customer Service we ourselves would want and expect! What ever happened to the old saying, “The Customer Is Always Right?” This is another reason why we strive to always keep you up to speed and informed by offering current Vape Juice order & tracking information. At Justejuice, we don’t take your business or your orders for granted. Once we receive your e juice order, we begin processing it asap. As a customer, you can expect to receive both automated and manually generated up to date emails on the status of your e juice order. Once your order is delivered to Canada Post or a Shipping Company, you’ll receive another email which will provide you tracking as to the shipping status of your order.
Here is what you can expect when you submit your Vape Juice order to us and what we guarantee:

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5. Up To Date Shipping Information via “Canada post”

We always enjoy hearing from our Customers. If you have a question, complaint, concern or you think we’ve honored our “Customer Service Commitment” to you, feel free to drop us a line. Always remember to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

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When searching for the best vape juice prices on the net, there are many e juice suppliers to choose from who offer wholesale pricing. However, how do you know who has the best prices, flavors and the highest quality ingredients that would help you decide on the best vape juice line to offer your customers. You can spend hours if not days emailing and calling e juice manufacturers and perhaps weeks trying samples from many companies offering premium vapes to the public.

How can we help you resolve this problem?  We offer our Best E Juice Flavor list which can be used as a guide when first time ordering ordering at Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada. Our Best E Juice Flavors list can be used to place your first order.

"What Sets Justejuice Apart"

Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada also has a reputation as offering the highest quality and best pricing in the Canadian E Juice industry. We offer over 80 flavors that no other Canada e juice manufacturers offer. Not only is Justejuice known for over 80 variety flavors but we are also known for having pure high grade ingredients in our flavors which are made under sterile laboratory conditions. This separates us apart from many other Canadian company’s and the “Kitchen Sink” garage E Juice wholesaler who doesn’t care about sterile conditions or ingredients when making their flavors. Are you Vaping their flavors? Our Vape Juice is regularly tested and the laboratory used is accredited by Health Canada, Enthalpy Labs, located in Durham, North Carolina (USA). If any products fail this strict e juice testing, that batch of products are immediately pulled from our Vaping flavor line until appropriate changes are made and they are able to pass the testing within safe limits. This ensures the safety of the Canada e-juice flavors we offer as well as the quality of our vapes.

You Can Always Shop The Best Vape Juice Flavors With Confidence At Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada!

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