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Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada

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Besides our great Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada Discounts and Coupon offers, we also offer “Superior Customer Service.”

We Never Leave You In The Dark:
One of the highest claimed but poorest delivered on promises by company’s these days is good Customer Service, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find. How many times have you been placed on hold because of,”Higher Than Normal Call Volume?” Or emailing a business inquiry on a product or service and receiving a return email days later, if at all? These are common customer service complaints which are annoying at best. This is why we work hard to maintain our commitment by providing you the kind of Customer Service we ourselves would want and expect! What ever happened to the old saying, “The Customer Is Always Right?” This is another reason why we strive to always keep you up to speed and informed by offering current Vape Juice order & tracking information.
At Justejuice, we don’t take your business or order for granted. Once we receive your e-liquid order, we begin processing it asap. As a customer, you can expect to receive both automated and manually generated up to date emails on the status of your e-liquid order. Once your order is delivered to Canada Post or a Shipping Company, you’ll receive another email which will provide you tracking as to the shipping status of your e-liquids.
Here is what you can expect when you submit your Vape Juice order to us and what we guarantee:

ejuice 20x20 Vape Juice Order Received- Email
ejuice 20x20 Purchase Complete – Email
ejuice 20x20 E-Liquid Order Processed – Email
 width= Order Tracking – Email
ejuice 20x20 Up To Date Shipping Information via “Canada post”

We always enjoy hearing from our Customers. If you have a question, complaint, concern or you think we’ve honored our “Customer Service Commitment” to you, feel free to drop us a line. Always remember to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

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When searching for the best vape juice Canada at Wholesale Prices on the net, there are many e-liquid suppliers to choose from who are offering wholesale pricing. However, how do you know who has the best prices, flavors and the highest quality ingredients that would help you decide on the best vape juice line to offer your customers. You can spend hours if not days emailing and calling e juice manufacturers and perhaps weeks trying samples from many companies offering e-liquids to the public.

How can we help you resolve this problem? 
We offer our Best E Juice Flavor list which can be used as a guide when ordering your first wholesale | bulk vape juice e-liquids at Justejuice.com. Our Best E Juice Flavors list can also be used to place your first order.

Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada also has a reputation as offering the highest quality and best pricing in the Canadian E-Liquid industry. We offer over 100 flavors that no other Canada e-juice manufacturers offer. Not only is Justejuice known for over 100 variety flavors but we are also known for having pure high grade ingredients in our E-Liquid flavors which are made under sterile laboratory conditions. This separates us apart from many other Canadian company’s and the “Kitchen Sink” garage E-Liquid wholesaler who doesn’t care about sterile conditions or ingredients when making their flavors. Are you Vaping their flavors? Our Vape Juice is regularly tested and the laboratory used is accredited by Health Canada, Enthalpy Labs, located in Durham, North Carolina (USA).
If any products fail this strict e-juice testing, that batch of products are immediately pulled from our Vaping flavor line until appropriate changes are made and they are able to pass the testing within safe limits. This ensures the safety of the Canada e-juice flavors we offer as well as the quality of our e-liquids.

You Can Always Shop The Best Vape Juice Flavors With Confidence At Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada!

Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada

“I’m away a lot working in the Oil Fields and I only have short periods of time at home. I need to order a few weeks supply of e-liquids at a time and the Justejuice credit card payment option makes ordering fast & easy. I can rely on them to get me my order fast before I leave back to work. No BS with these guys!”

“Xport Tobacco Flavor has got to be my favorite”

Larry, Happy Customer

“As a New Vape Store owner, I’m really enjoying my new bottle branding. I like the simplicity and Justejuice always keeps me up to date on my orders shipping information.”

“Pomegranate is my favorite e-liquid flavor.”

Debbie, Happy Store Owner
“I’m handicapped and its really difficult for me to get around sometimes. I was short e-liquid before a long weekend once and Justejuice delivered it right to my apartment in the Fraser Valley in person. I’ve been a customer ever since…I Love These Guys!”
Linda, Happy Customer
Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada

“As a new e-cigarette user, I was content with my Tobacco e-liquid flavors from the local vape store because I didn’t know any better. Then a friend of mine let me try some of his Navy Cut Tobacco from Justejuice. Been vaping Navy Cut Tobacco from Justejuice ever since!”

“Obviously Navy Cut Tobacco is now my choice everyday vape!

Susan, Happy Customer




Justejuice.com Wholesale Best (E Juice & E Liquids) Canada

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