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Max VG 30ml Sample Pack:

Get “$10.50″ off on the new “Evolve Max VG” E-Juice flavor line. Choose from 20 new exciting e-juice flavors in Nicotine Strengths of 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg & 0mg. The new Max VG E-Liquid flavors are quickly becoming more and more popular with the vaping community because of their Great Taste & High Quality!


30ml Bulk Sample Pack:

Get “$5.00″ off on Popular 30ml Tobaccos, 30ml Fruit Tobaccos, 30ml Pipe & Cigar, 30ml Rich, 30ml Menthols, 30ml Beverage Flavors. Choose from over 70 popular e-liquid flavors in Nicotine Strengths of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 8mg & 0mg. These Flavors are by far some of the most popular Electronic Cigarette Flavor Choices!

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It’s Our Superior Customer Service, Which Makes Justejuice Better!
Besides our great Wholesale | Bulk Discount and Coupon offers, we offer Superior Customer Service.

You’re Never Left In The Dark:
It’s difficult to find good Customer Service these days. We work hard to provide the kind of Customer service we ourselves want. This is why we strive to always stay in touch with you by offering up to date order & tracking information.
At Justejuice, once we receive an order from you, we begin processing it asap. You’ll receive both automated and manually generated up to date emails on the status of your order. Once your order is delivered to Canada Post, you’ll receive another email which will provide you postal tracking of your order.
We always enjoy hearing from our Customers, If you have a question, complaint or a concern, always let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

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7 Quick Reasons To Buy From Us!


Justejuice.com Wholesale E Liquids & E Juice Canada

Our High Quality ingredient E-Liquid flavors are created under sterile laboratory conditions.

Our E-Liquids are Free of harmful chemicals such as Diacetyl & Acetone & are tested regularly for “ANYTHING” harmful.

Our E-Liquids provide a Bright Professional Presentation with flavors & strength levels clearly marked.

Our E-Liquids also provide expiry dates, warning labels, ingredients & batch numbers.

We care about the safe use & storage of our products. All E-Liquid bottles provide child proof safety caps & needle drip tips for easy clearomizer filling.

We Vape as well and would not offer any product that we ourselves would not use. 

We offer over 90 Great E-Liquid Flavors in 8 exciting categories, available in 10ml & 30ml Sizes. 

Buy With Confidence At Justejuice!


At Justejuice, you can buy with confidence:
When searching for e-liquid at wholesale prices there are many eliquid suppliers on the net offering wholesale pricing to choose from. However, how do you know who has the best prices, flavors and highest quality ingredients that would help you decide on the best flavor line to offer your customers. You can spend hours if not days emailing and calling e-liquid manufacturers and perhaps weeks trying sample packs from many companies offering e-juice to the public.

What Sets Justejuice Apart?
Justejuice has a reputation as offering the highest quality and best pricing in the Canadian E-Liquid industry. We offer over 90 flavors that no other Canadian manufacturers offer. Not only is Justejuice known for a variety of flavors but we also are known for having pure high grade ingredients in our flavors which are made under sterile laboratory conditions. This separates us apart from many other Canadian company’s and the “Kitchen Sink” garage wholesaler who doesn’t care about sterile conditions or ingredients when making their flavors. Would you want to Vape their flavors? The flavors we offer are tested regularly and the laboratory used is accredited by Health Canada, Enthalpy Labs, located in Durham, North Carolina (USA).
If any products fail this strict testing, that batch of products are immediately pulled from the flavor line until appropriate changes are made and they are able to pass the testing within safe limits. This ensures the safety of the flavors we offer as well as the quality of our e-liquid.

Most Popular Wholesale E-Juice Flavors

Most Popular Wholesale E-Juice Flavors
Our most popular selling wholesale E-Juice flavors that our customers & clients prefer the most can be found in the “Most Popular Flavor List” below. Due to our large selection of e-liquid flavors that are so popular, we offer our wholesale e-liquid in 30ml bottles. Our smaller e-juice size is 10ml but some customers prefer ordering 30ml bottles because of their popularity. We are constantly offering new flavors on our menus which is why store owners and customers continue to return to Justejuice for the latest flavors. Contact Justejuice If you would like to speak to us or receive additional information about e-liquid Bulk Wholesale today!

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“As a Vape Store owner, I don’t have time to be wondering about my orders. I need simplicity and Justejuice always keeps me up to date on my orders with prompt updates & Xpresspost shipping information.

“Black Cherry is my favorite e-liquid flavor.”

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Grande Prairie, Ab

“I’m away alot working in the Oil Fields and I only have short periods of time at home. I need to order a few weeks supply of e-liquids at a time and the Justejuice credit card payment option makes ordering fast & easy. I can rely on them to get me my order fast before I leave back to work. No BS with these guys!”

“Xport Tobacco Flavor has got to be my flavorite”



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