About Justejuice Wholesale

“Justejuice wholesale means, quality Canadian made e juice, superior customer service and friendly helpful staff”

About Justejuice Wholesale Vape Canada

Justejuice Wholesale is your one stop, Canadian Wholesale Bulk Vaping Products store. If you’re looking to buy Quality Canadian Wholesale Vape E Juice then look no further as you can count on us for “Quality Service” “Unbeatable Prices” and “Fast Delivery”.

Justejuice Wholesale Vape Canada is owned and operated as a part of a Registered BC Limited Company. Our company registration number is our company registration number and place of registration Doing Business As Justejuice Wholesale or (DBA Justejuice). The Name ‘Justejuice’,  Justejuice.com,’us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owners of our websites and all pages through-out our websites.

Also, Justejuice is operated by ex-smokers who have made the switch using Flavour Crafters products. Which is why we are dedicated to helping other smokers find an alternative to their current smoking habit.

Why Your Satisfaction Matters

In addition, we know we’re not the only ones in web land marketing Vape Juice flavor lines in Canada. And there are hundreds if not thousands of websites offering E Juice and E Cigarette products in North America alone. That’s why we do our best to make YOU the “Customer” happy, not after one purchase, but before & after each purchase every time!

Not to mention, we always have our ears to the ground listening to what you have to say. Also, if you have a complaint feel free to tell us. Because your thoughts are what drives us to do better and without knowing what you think, we can not make improvements. We’ve been in business many years and on many occasions have implemented customer comments and suggestions into our operations. And the old saying the customer is always right might be a mute point these days but not with us!

On the other hand, we do like to hear the positives as well and hearing the positives tells us what we’re doing right. Check out our Customer Reviews page for all our customer product reviews in one place.

Finally, everyone appreciates good Customer Service, that’s why at Justejuice Wholesale, we do our best to offer you the kind of Service we ourselves want! That’s why we take your order very seriously. You’ve trusted us enough to buy from us and to give us a chance! That’s why we’ll never leave you in the dark as to the Status of your order, which is our promise to you when you buy from Justejuice Wholesale! Get Started now, see our Bronze Membership details.

Marketing products isn’t just about making money, as much as it is about creating long lasting partnerships

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