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About Justejuice – we are here to help you get the information you need to enable you to make informed product choices. Furthermore, we are committed to building long lasting relationships with our readers. Also, we want to make it easy for you to find brand information – which should always be transparent. Therefore, we only list partners with easy to navigate websites and clear concise product details.

At times, our products reviews may be more informative than our partner sites but that’s ok, as long as you are getting the information you need. Also, our readers should be able to easily see the nicotine or cbd milligram quantities they are viewing. We are slowly transforming Justejuice from retail and wholesale to a blog information & review website. Finally, its your personal satisfaction through useful information that’s important!.

Justejuice Vape Canada is owned and operated as a part of a Registered BC Limited Company. Our company registration number is our company registration number and place of registration Doing Business As Justejuice Wholesale or (DBA Justejuice). The Name ‘Justejuice’,  Justejuice.com,’us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owners of our websites and all pages through-out our websites.

Also, Justejuice is operated by ex-smokers who have made the switch using many of these products. Which is why we are dedicated to helping other smokers find an alternative to their current smoking habit.

About Justejuice – Why Your Satisfaction Matters

In addition, we know we’re not the only ones in web land talking about Vape Juice with nicotine and CBD in Canada. And there are hundreds if not thousands of websites offering E Juice and E Cigarette products in North America alone. That’s why we do our best to inform our readers with useful information and links to others sites who offer both great products and content.

Not to mention, we always have our ears to the ground listening to what you have to say. Also, if you have a complaint feel free to tell us. Because your thoughts are what drives us to do better and without knowing what you think, we can not make improvements. We’ve been in business many years and on many occasions have implemented customer comments and suggestions onto our website. And the old saying the customer is always right might be a mute point these days but not with us!

On the other hand, we do like to hear the positives as well and hearing the positives tells us what we’re doing right. Check out our Customer Reviews page for all our customer product reviews in one place.

Finally, everyone appreciates good information and products, that’s why at Justejuice, we do our best to offer you the kind of information and services we ourselves want! In addition, we’re careful which brands we endorse, and that’s why partners take your orders and questions very seriously. After, you’ve trusted the information we’ve provided enough to buy from them and to give them a chance based on our reviews! That’s why if you have a problem with any of our partners, we want to know about it. After all, we can’t help you fix the problem to your satisfaction, if we don’t know about it!

About Justejuice Partner Links

Justejuice main purpose is to provide useful content through informative unbiased product reviews. In addition, we only choose products to review that we believe meet our high standards including products we ourselves would use.

  • Most of our content contains affiliate links. Justejuice makes a small percentage when you click one of our links and complete a purchase. This helps us maintain our website and to pay our content writers.
  • Also, we avoid the use of annoying pop-up advertising, pay per click links and multi level marketing schemes.
  • At times we use email marketing to inform our readers of the latest vape trends, which may also include product and or product reviews.
  • In addition, we only send out our newsletter once a month at most.
  • Our content writers are independent and not affiliated or employed by Justejuice.
  • Sometimes our partners will send us products to review and by no means does that influence our reviewers.
  • If you find inaccurate information, use the contact form and please let us know.

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