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Best Vape Pen, Heating Coil

Which Is the Best Vape Pen?

The Best Vape Pen are pen shaped electronic device’s designed for inhaling vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol or pre mixed CBD E Juice in a flavored vapor, also known as Vape Juice. The liquid is heated with the help of the pen’s heating coil or atomizer which creates a smoke like vapor.  Also, the inner workings of all vape pens are pretty much the same and begins when re-chargeable battery power is used to activate the heater coil.

Furthermore, vape juice is heated to the point that a vapor is produced which is drawn into the mouth or directly into the lungs. In addition, this vapor is inhaled with the help of a mouthpiece located on the base of the vape pen.

Moreover, it should also be noted that deciding on which is the best vape pen is really a matter of opinion. And it’s our goal to provide you the facts and to help you decide which vape unit is the right one for you.

Furthermore, our Best Vape Pens are very similar in design and function as all other vapor units. They operate the same way by heating up the vape juice within the heating coil to produce vapor. Additionally, some vaporizers have the heating coil built right into the tank which holds the liquid; such is the case with most of the starter kits we offer.

About Vape Pens

Best Vape Pen MODS and PODS

There are 2 basic types of Vape Pen MODs and PODS we offer with simple differences which distinguishes one from the other:

  • Manually Activated (Button Type)
  • Automatically Activated (Vacuum Switch Type)

Manually Activated Vape Pen

These vaporizers use a simple button to complete the circuit inside the vape unit. When the button is depressed, the circuit is completed between the re-changeable battery and the heating coil. Likewise, the heater coil vaporizes the liquid as the user draws on the mouth piece to inhale the vapor.

Automatically Activated Vape Units

On the other hand, automatically activated vaporizers contain a built in vacuum switch, similar to a button. However, comparatively the main difference is that inside this type of unit the heating coil is activated when negative pressure is applied to the mouth piece, or (someone draws) on the vaporizer which completes the circuit activating the vape unit. It’s operates similar to a doorway, when the door is open the circuit is open and power is NOT going to the heating coil. As opposed to the door is closed and power is now going to the heating coil.

What is the difference between Closed Systems vs Open Systems

We should draw attention to the main contrasts between these two types of vape pen units. Both of these pen style units have been around for many years. And although they continue to evolve their basic design principles have remained the same.

Closed System Vape Pens MODS and PODS are pens which contain a replaceable cartridge. The vape juice is sealed within the cartridge and can not be refilled. After the contents are exhausted, the cartridge is thrown away and a new cartridge is installed. Installation is usually very easy and with these units the user buys several full cartridges and replaces them as needed. Not to mention, these replaceable cartridges are usually available in several flavors with varying degrees of nicotine strengths. There are also non replaceable cartridge style closed systems where the whole vape unit is discarded after the liquid has been depleted. These types of units are very rare and have been replaced by the replaceable cartridge style.

Open System Vape MODS and PODS are vape devices which can be refilled with any comparable e juice flavor or strength as required. In addition, they usually take very little effort to refill or maintain. Not to mention, charging the unit is easy which is usually done by simply plugging the unit into a computer USB port or into a specially designed USB wall plug. Most units allow the cartridge or tank to be easily removed for cleaning. Moreover, these units are by far the most common which is why we carry several brand named varieties of these open Vape Units. You can also get additional information on our Vape Pens Factual Truth Article.

Open Tank Style

Manually Operated Button Type

Best Vape Pen, Heating Coil

Closed Cartridge Style

Automatic Vacuum Switch Type

Best Vape Pen, Heating Coil

We Provide Information & The Best Vape Pen

Justejuice Wholesale Vape Canada provides the best vape pens and information possible. Also, we don’t offer tons of vaporizer products, but rather choose to focus on only a few simple, high quality vape units. Not to mention, we do our best to provide the best information possible; so that you can get the most enjoyable use from your vaporizer kit to it’s safest and fullest potential.

Justejuice offers great Vape Pen Support

Our main focus is on two things, number one is our Customers and number two is our Products. Moreover, we also offer great support on the Vape Units we carry along with extensive instructions on their use. In addition, our Customer Reviews Page is a place to find what others are saying about all our products. Additionally, we always value, appreciate and consider our customers’ requests and ideas. This helps us to know what customers actually need so that we can offer them exactly what they need.

Best Vape Pen, Heating Coil

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