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Which Is the Best Vape Pen?

The Best Vape Pen are pen shaped electronic device’s designed for inhaling vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol in a pre mixed flavoured liquid, also known as Vape Juice. The liquid is heated with the help of the pen’s heating coil or atomizer which creates a smoke like vapor.  Also, the inner workings of all vape pens are pretty much the same and begins when re-chargeable battery power is used to activate the heater coil.

Furthermore, vape juice is heated to the point that a vapor is produced which is drawn into the mouth or directly into the lungs. In addition, this vapor is inhaled with the help of a mouthpiece located on the base of the vape pen.

Not to mention, the Best Vape Pens listed here are very similar in design and function as all other vapor units. In like manner, they operate the same way by heating up the vape juice within the heating coil to produce vapor. Additionally, some vaporizers have the heating coil built right into the tank which holds the liquid; such is the case with most of the vape kits we offer.

Vape Pen Review

It should also be noted that deciding on which is the best vape pen is really a matter of opinion. Also, our main goal is to help you get the information you need to make the best product choices that suit you. Our best vape pen page is intended to provide well researched review information and to help you decide which vape unit is the right one for you.

Finally, research and reviews are ongoing processes as new products are constantly popping up on the market while others disappear. Refer back to our page often as we continue to develop new review content.




Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen


Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen


Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen


Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen



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Heating Coil, Vape Pen


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About Vape Pens

Best Vape Pen MODS and PODS

There are 2 basic types of Vape Pen MODs and PODS we offer with simple differences which distinguishes one from the other:

  • Manually Activated (Button Type)
  • Automatically Activated (Vacuum Switch Type)

Manually Activated Vape Pen

These vaporizers use a simple button to complete the circuit inside the vape unit. When the button is depressed, the circuit is completed between the re-changeable battery and the heating coil. Likewise, the heater coil vaporizes the liquid as the user draws on the mouth piece to inhale the vapor.

Automatically Activated Vape Units

On the other hand, automatically activated vaporizers contain a built in vacuum switch, similar to a button. However, comparatively the main difference is that inside this type of unit the heating coil is activated when negative pressure is applied to the mouth piece, or (someone draws) on the vaporizer which completes the circuit activating the vape unit. It’s operates similar to a doorway, when the door is open the circuit is open and power is NOT going to the heating coil. As opposed to the door is closed and power is now going to the heating coil.

What is the difference between Closed Systems vs Open Systems

We should draw attention to the main contrasts between these two types of vape pen units. Both of these pen style units have been around for many years. And although they continue to evolve their basic design principles have remained the same.

Closed System Vape Pens MODS and PODS are pens which contain a replaceable cartridge. The vape juice is sealed within the cartridge and can not be refilled. After the contents are exhausted, the cartridge is thrown away and a new cartridge is installed. Installation is usually very easy and with these units the user buys several full cartridges and replaces them as needed. Not to mention, these replaceable cartridges are usually available in several flavors with varying degrees of nicotine strengths. There are also non replaceable cartridge style closed systems where the whole vape unit is discarded after the liquid has been depleted. These types of units are very rare and have been replaced by the replaceable cartridge style.

Open System Vape MODS and PODS are vape devices which can be refilled with any comparable e juice flavor or strength as required. In addition, they usually take very little effort to refill or maintain. Not to mention, charging the unit is easy which is usually done by simply plugging the unit into a computer USB port or into a specially designed USB wall plug. Most units allow the cartridge or tank to be easily removed for cleaning. Moreover, these units are by far the most common which is why we carry several brand named varieties of these open Vape Units. You can also get additional information on our Vape Pens Factual Truth Article.

Open Tank Style

Manually Operated Button Type

Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen

Closed Cartridge Style

Automatic Vacuum Switch Type

Best Vape Pen, Vape Pen

Best Vape Pen Heater Coils, What You Should Know

In 2012, manufacturers of vape pens started introducing E Cigarette Heater Coils which could be replaced, and today the vast majority of vape tanks and atomizers have been designed to make changing the coils easy and affordable. However, this only applies to open systems and not closed units.
Replaceable e cigarette heater coils were introduced primarily to save vapers money in the long run, since a non-replaceable clearomizer had to be thrown away once it stopped working, and also to reduce waste. By allowing simply the e cigarette heater coils to be replaced, the clearomizer can be used for years.

How To Shop For The Best Vape Pen Heater Coils?

When you choose a replacement coil head, you need to ensure that you are selecting the correct type to match your vaping device. There are several kinds of coils ranging from top coils with long stems to bottom coils. There are also coils which are made from different types of material and which are best suited to different styles of vaping, and therefore finding the right one to go with your device is essential.

What Do Coil Heads Do?

When heating your e-juice to make a vapor which is then inhaled your device requires a coil head to function as a heater. The coil head features a heating element as well as a wick. Although the design is pretty simple, you cannot use an e-cigarette with no working coil head in place.

What Is In A Coil Head?

If you take a look inside the coil head you’ll observe a coil and wick bundle which heats (or atomizes) your e-juice. You’ll also see either a base housing or a base where the coil and wick are located so that the coil’s wire can connect to the positive and negative terminals and touch the battery pin. You will also see a stem (or flute) that channels the vapor up to the drip tip as well as a seal which keeps the e-juice in the correct place. Which connected properly, these parts work together to create an atomizer which heats up the e-liquid whenever the negative and power points have been connected by activating the fire button.

Types Of Coil Wire

There are many types of wire which can be used in e cigarette heater coils including:

  • Kanthal – this is used to vape in wattage mode and is capable of handling high temperatures. Simple to work with, kanthal can be bought in several gauges and offers extremely stable resistance.
  • Ni200 coils (nickel) – these coils are used in temperature control mods as they have accurately predictable resistance changes. Vaping with nickel coils ensures consistency of flavor and performance.
  • Stainless steel – suitable for use in both TC and wattage vaping modes, stainless steel wire is simpler to work with and has a longer lifespan. It also heats rapidly for instant hits. Stainless steel coils also have a less metallic flavor.

Coils can either be vertical or horizontal although vertical heater coils are now most common since they allow for better air flow for consistent heat. Horizontal coils are less commonly seen these days and may have either an outer or inner wick.
Choosing the right type of coil wire to suit your vaping device and also the right coil design will ensure that your vaping device functions correctly.

What Can Go Wrong?

Although the Best Vape Pen heater coils are pretty simple to use there are a few things which can go wrong.
Firstly, if the seal is incorrectly placed, excess liquid will be allowed to seep onto the coils and in turn, this could result in a leak.
Also if the wick is allowed to burn out it will become ineffective and will produce an unpleasant burned flavor in the mouth. It is inevitable that your coils will burn out eventually since they are designed to be disposable, so you will need to replace yours occasionally. Although leaking issues can be a problem, they are usually down to failures with the seal, either because it is faulty or incorrectly seated.
Not to mention, Seals will occasionally need replacing, however, they are also disposable items.

How Long Should A Coil Last?

Coils only have a very limited lifespan or around 1 to 2 weeks. If you do not vape heavily they can last longer but if you vape with thick e-liquids they will become gunked up more quickly and require earlier replacement. In addition, regular maintenance on a regular basis will help ensure you prolong their life as long as possible.
Keeping the coils moist is important but you should not allow it to become flooded. Burning dry is a bad idea, and even though some users burn their coils dry to keep them clean this is not usually recommended.

How Can Your Maximize Your Best Vape Pen Coils?

There are several tips that you should try to ensure that you get optimal usage out of your coils.

  1. Know your device’s ohm level – this is important as if you use too high a voltage for your device’s ohm level there will be excess burning and this could potentially caramelize the e-juice onto the coil. This will cause additional burning as well as coil damage and an unpleasant odor and taste.
  2. If vaping for extended periods or on a regular basis remember that you will almost certainly run out of battery and e-juice much more quickly than you might expect. Be prepared to top up and recharge frequently. Also, be aware that constant vaping will not give your coils any time to recover or cool down and this could result in your coils burning out more rapidly.
  3. Whenever possible, take breaks or reduce the number of puffs you take in short spaces of time to avoid this happening.
  4. Know that there are some e-juices which can make the wick work much harder, for example when using a thicker e-liquid, and this could also cause burning.
  5. Trial and error is often the key and being familiar with your device and its coils is the best way to maximize your usage.

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