E Juice Chocolate Brulee 30ml [Decadent] Best VG Flavor!

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E Juice Chocolate Brulee 30ml [Decadent] Best VG Flavor!


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E Juice Chocolate Brulee 30ml offers a creamy taste of custard Brulee flavors including a rich and distinctive chocolate vaping experience.

Chocolate Custard Brulee is sure to please those who enjoy a sweet dessert Vape.


E Juice Chocolate Brulee

E Juice Chocolate Brulee offers a creamy taste of custard and boasts a slightly sweet flavor with distinctive chocolate tones.

The E Juice Chocolate Brulee Product Description:

Ratio Mix: 85% Vegetable Glycerin, 15% Propylene glycol,
Available Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Amber Glass
Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg & 12mg
Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Food Grade water soluble natural & artificial flavorings.
This e-juice flavor may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.
All Bottles Are “Shrink Wrapped” Sealed For Your Security!

Where does chocolate come from?
Ejuice Chocolate Brulee

Chocolate comes from the pod seed of the Cacao tree, which only grows in tropical climates. In addition, harvesting Cacao pods is labor-intensive as they must be cut by machetes. Also, each pod contains approximately 50 seeds, which are the size of sunflower seeds. Furthermore, the Cocoa seed is allowed to ferment for approximately a week before it is roasted. Consequently, this heating process removes the chaff which leaves the cocoa nib. Finally, each cocoa nib contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is the fat found in Chocolate, on the other hand, the solid bi-product is ground into Cocoa powder.
Hence, Cocoa Butter and Cocoa powder produce many kinds of chocolate products that all chocolate lovers enjoy.

The Chefs E Juice Chocolate Brulee

In addition, Chocolate is one of my favorite flavors because of its many uses in sweet desserts. Therefore, when I was deciding on flavors for our E Juice Vape Brulee line, I wanted to include chocolate as one of them. Not to mention, I had already created 4 fruit custard flavors for Vape Brulee. Also, I wanted to add a VG E Juice flavor that would really provide a rich smooth chocolate vaping experience. Furthermore, E Juice Chocolate Brulee would really have to stand out as a dessert vape and provide a large vape cloud as well.

Ejuice Chocolate Brulee

Upon completion of Chocolate Brulee, I realized that we really had a great flavor which delivers the kind of taste dessert enthusiasts will love to vape. Finally, I am confident you will enjoy chocolate Brulee e-liquid like I do. Get your sweet tooth ready for Chocolate Custard Brulee.

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60ml Glass, 30ml Glass

VG E Juice Strength

High (12mg/ml), Med (6mg/ml), Low (3mg/ml), xLow (1.5mg/ml), None (0mg/ml)