E Juice Lemon Brulee 30ml Best [Tangy Citrus] Custard Flavor

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E Juice Lemon Brulee 30ml Best [Tangy Citrus] Custard Flavor


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E Juice Lemon Brulee 30ml provides a succulent combination of tangy citrus lemons and creamy Brulee custard.

Experience big vape clouds with lemon custard flavors.


E Juice Lemon Brulee

E Juice Lemon Brulee provides a fusion of tangy citrus lemons and creamy custard Brulee flavors.

The E Juice Lemon Brulee Product Description:

Ratio Mix: 85% Vegetable Glycerin, 15% Propylene glycol,
Available Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Amber Glass
Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg & 12mg
Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Food Grade water soluble natural & artificial flavorings.
This e-juice flavor may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.
All Bottles Are “Shrink Wrapped” Sealed For Your Security!

The Sour Benefits Of Lemons

Why E Juice Lemon Brulee flavor? The origin of lemon juice is unclear however, this sour flavor can be found in a wide variety of foods and beverages. Not to mention soft drinks, cocktails and to marinate fish and a whole assortment of other meats. Furthermore, in Britain lemons are also used as an addition to pancake batter. Professional athletes commonly drink lemon juice to fight fatigue in long distant triathlon races. Moreover, lemon juice is known to improve a person’s mood and even remove anxiety, nervousness, tension, not mention fatigue.

Chefs E Juice Lemonade Stand

As a kid, my friends and I enjoyed selling our homemade lemonade on the corner during those hot summer days. Not only did we drink a lot of lemonade but it always gave us kids something to do. Especially when our parents were unable to get us to the lake. As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve always been a fruit enthusiast. Likewise, I thought it fitting to create a brulee custard flavor with a little more zing in it! Furthermore, when I decided to create E Juice Lemon Brulee, I wanted a lemon flavor which would not be over-powering. Of equal significance, the custard flavor needed to likewise be noticeable and not lessened by the strong taste of lemon.

E Juice Lemon Brulee

Finally, after months of testing, we decided that we had a special flavor. Also, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this unique lemon custard Brulee! Therefore, if you enjoy the zing of lemon mixed with custard Brulee fruit flavors, try E Juice Lemon Brulee now. Pucker-up with E Juice Lemon Brulee!

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60ml Glass, 30ml Glass

VG E Juice Strength

High (12mg/ml), Med (6mg/ml), Low (3mg/ml), xLow (1.5mg/ml), None (0mg/ml)