E Juice Max VG Apricot 30ml [Amazing] Forbidden Fruit Flavor

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E Juice Max VG Apricot 30ml [Amazing] Forbidden Fruit Flavor


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E Juice Max VG Apricot 30ml, Vapes just like biting into a fresh ripe Apricot.

Not to mention, VG Apricot E Juice is made with 100% VG and all natural flavors and  produces a massive Vape Cloud without sacrificing that natural succulent Apricot taste!


E Juice Max VG Apricot

E Juice Max VG Apricot Product Description:

Ratio Mix: 100% Vegetable Glycerin
Available Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Amber Glass
Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg & 12mg
Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade water soluble Natural Flavorings.
This e-juice flavor may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.

E Juice Max VG Apricot Flavor

E Juice Max VG Apricot offers a Forbidden, undeniable fresh vaping taste of ripe apricots. Also E Juice Max VG tastes sweeter than the actual fruit when Vaped. as a matter of fact, E Juice Max VG uses 100% Vegetable Glycerin and natural flavors without any artificial ingredients.

Finally, if you enjoy fruit, Max VG Apricot E Juice will deliver that realistic fresh fruit Vape you want!

E Juice Max VG Apricot

Branch of an apricot tree with ripe fruits

The Apricot tree grows to a height of between 25-40 feet high with their trunk as wide as 15 inches in diameter. Also, the Apricot tree leaves grow to approximately 10 cm and have a zig zag or serrated looking edge with a pointed tip.  In addition, the flowers petals are pinkish in color and grow in pairs before the leaves in early spring.

Apricot Fruit

Fruit Apricots resemble that of a small peach and have a firm skin with velvet like fur. Likewise, Apricots are a yellowish orange in color and often turn a slightly red color when exposed to excessive sun light. Not to mention, Apricots are not to be very juicy and are usually semi sweet to a little sour in taste.

Finally, seeds are encased in a hard exterior shell and have a granular texture. Furthermore, they have a relatively smooth surface with spiny seams on running up each side.

Vaping E Juice Max VG Flavors

After vaping this new 100% naturally made VG E Juice I noticed a real nice, light, sweet Apricot flavor. Moreover, Max VG Apricot delivered great flavor and produced a massive vape cloud. Surprisingly, the Apricot flavor was not lost and the rich flavor continued without disappointment!

Discover this “All Natural” VG E Juice Apricot Flavor now!

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