Flavour Crafters Vape Juice Early Beginnings

Flavour Crafters Vape Juice originally started as Eco Vapour in the early part of 2010. The founder of Eco Vapour claims he bought his first Vape Pen in Nov 2009 and quit smoking cigarettes shortly after. Furthermore, he says that he was so excited about his new vape pen that he purchased a few more. And began selling them to co-workers at the call center where he was employed.

Shortly afterward, the call center went bankrupt and he was consequently laid-off. As a result of being unemployed, he quickly put all his efforts into his company Eco Vapor marketing vape pens. In the early part of 2011, he was having a lot of difficulties getting Vape Juice into Canada from Dekang in China. Also, he thought that other vape juice business owners must be experiencing the same problems. Not to mention, he realized he’d have to learn how to produce his own vape juice, hence he decided to form his own separate Brand and thus Flavour Crafters was born.

Flavour Crafters Vape Juice Tobacco Flavors

As a result, he spent approximately 6-8 months developing the Xport Tobacco (Gold Blend) and Mild Tobacco (Mild Crown) flavors. Consequently, these flavors were released to the public in early part of 2012. In addition, the Classic Tobacco flavors quickly became top sellers as he continued to expand his Flavour Crafters product line. Also, people started to comment on how similar the Tobacco flavors were in comparison to their favorite Canadian Cigarette brands.

Due to the success of the Classic Tobacco flavors, which are still huge sellers, he continued developing other flavors. Finally, the Fruit Flavors once released to the public would also become big sellers and still are to this day. Flavour Crafters Vape Juice started with 15-20 flavors and continues to add new flavors to their popular vape juice flavor collections.

Flavour Crafters Quality Guarantee

Vape Juice Expiry Dates

All Flavour Crafters bottles offer expiry dates to track and to maintain the freshest taste possible. Not to imply that Vape Juice can not be Vaped after the expiry date but flavor does diminish if not vaped within a specified time frame. Also, the expiry date is based on the date ingredients are mixed within each flavor batch. Finally, the expiry date found on all bottle labels insures the best vape flavor possible!

Batch Identification Numbers

It’s worth mentioning that each batch is assigned a unique product batch identifier number. In addition, batch identifier numbers are required by law and also helps manufacturers maintain a more efficient level of quality control methods.

Furthermore, flavor concentrations are allowed to steep for approximately a week which results in a more familiar taste. Moreover, the vape juice coloring will also change slightly during the steeping process. Not to mention, the more popular flavors are bottled in larger batches which gives the vape juice time to steep before they are shipped.

Additionally, the batch number provides useful information and can be understood as follows: SRW00121916

EXP=Export Tobacco SKU
00=0mg Strength
12=Month Dec
19= Day

Finally, the bottles are also clearly marked with expiration dates. And, the expiration dates are also shown as two years from the date of bottling. It is worth noting that all flavorings are secured in a cabinet only accessible to authorized employees working within the sanitary lab area.

Flavour Crafters Vape Juice

Quality Control

Vape Juice product quality doesn’t happen by chance. Through-out the production process, team Flavour Crafters are constantly ensuring only the highest quality. Including, constant batch sample testing to ensure quality standards are being maintained including nicotine testing.

Furthermore, all testing results are recorded for each flavor batch produced as a secondary quality control measure. Moreover, all products are checked to ensure that bottles are sealed and child proof caps are in good working order; which helps to guard against faulty lids and helps to prevent leaks. As a final stage, all bottles are shrink wrapped sealed before leaving the sterile lab facility.

Finally, all Flavor Batches are checked by weight to ensure each bottle is filled to the proper quantity as indicated on the label.

Vape Juice Production

All products are produced under sterile Laboratory conditions. Not to mention, Flavour Crafters takes cleanliness and the personal safety of its customers and employees very seriously. Therefore, a fortune has been spent on their manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality and safety of all products.

In addition, Flavour Crafters staff enjoy second to none production work areas which were built to provide comfort and efficiency and to help staff members complete their daily tasks. Also, the sterile lab area is a closed area to prevent contamination during the production process.

Quality Protective Gear

At this point, it is important to note that pure nicotine is highly poisonous and direct contact with skin can be a serious safety issue. Therefore, all Flavour Crafters staff working in the sterile area are provided all necessary protective equipment. This includes but not limited to, medical scrub pants & smocks, hair nets, face masks, safety glasses, lab coats protective gloves and shoe coverings.

Maintaining A Sterile Lab

Due to all safety measures, a sanitary door way into the sterile lab is provided to dawn all required equipment before entry is permitted. Also, the lab occupies over 29 square feet of stainless steel screen shelving. Also, the required screen shelving is needed for storing ingredients and is easier to keep clean. Moreover, expensive high quality air filtration units operate all day, and everyday to clean dust born contaminates from the air.

Storehouse and Shipping

Flavour Crafters Vape Juice

In order to keep up with constant ordering demands from distributors and customers, a huge inventory of flavor ingredients ready to be mixed. Additionally, this allows a constant supply of available stock on all high demand products. Furthermore, all flavor production activities are recorded and monitored as to the ingredients used during flavor production. As well as, accurate weighing and recording of ingredients through the batch identification system.

In order to provide the best customer service, Flavour Crafters keeps a storehouse of ready to ship products. Likewise, 799 bins holding hundreds of products in varying bottle sizes and nicotine strengths are kept, ready to ship at all times.

Finally, shipping stations are fitted with all available packing materials in order to package orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What steps taken to protect you?

Flavour Crafters Vape Juice

Flavour Crafters products are bottled using LDPE and HDPE plastic bottles. LDPE and HDPE plastics are recyclable, and can be reused in other plastic products if properly recycled after use.

  • (LDPE) Low-density polyethylene used in frozen food bags and bottles. Not known to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones.
  • Not to mention, bottles are fitted with child proof caps, are tested against leaks and shrink wrapped sealed before they’re shipped.
  • All bottles are supplied with warning labels in both official languages of Canada.
  • They are also supplied with ingredients clearly marked in both official languages in keeping with Canadian packaging laws.
  • Vape Juice bottles also clearly display batch identification numbers and expiry dates, see above label example.

Finally, all products are produced with vegetable glycerin extracted from palm oil, propylene glycol, and United States Pharmaceutical (USP) grade Nicotine extracts, including flavorings from American & European flavoring companies.