High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos 30ml | 60ml


High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos 30ml | 60ml Flavors Product Description:


High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos 30ml | 60ml are made using only the finest ingredients under sterile laboratory conditions.


High VG E Juice Tobaccos
  • Ratio Mix: 85% Vegetable Glycerin, 15% Propylene glycol,
  • Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Clear Glass Child Proof Cap w/ dropper top.
  • Bottle Size & Type: 60ml Clear Glass Child Proof Cap w/ dropper top.
  • Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, & 12mg.
  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade water soluble natural & artificial flavorings.
  • This product may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.


Note: All E Juice Bottles Are Security Shrink Wrap Sealed Under Sterile Laboratory Conditions!



High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos


The original 5 top selling High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos were produced 6 years ago when people needed a similar taste to the cigarette brand they were smoking.


At that time, people wanted to feel comfortable with the idea of using a vape epen. Likewise, the whole idea of vaping seemed unnatural to people as little was know about e cigarettes and vaping.


In fact, so little was known about e cigarettes, that people vaping in public were being accused of smoking cigarettes in public places.


Therefore, it’s no surprise that the E Juice Canadian Classic Tobacco flavors quickly became huge sellers. Similarly, people could relate better to the idea of vaping E Juice Xport Tobacco as opposed to a Milk Chocolate or a Strawberry Waffle flavor.


On the other hand, it wasn’t just about flavor similarity, it was also about user factors. Such as, the users throat hit experience which replicated the sensation of smoking cigarettes. Not to mention, the physiological effects of higher nicotine strength levels.


High PG vs High VG E Juice


Because of these factors, the original E Juice Canadian Classic Tobaccos were introduced with higher propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG) mix ratios of 70%PG:30%VG.


The higher PG ratios produced less vapor but provided a greater throat hit. Not to mention, that most flavor lines offered nicotine strengths as high as 24mg per ml of e-liquid. Moreover, higher PG mixes also worked well with the vape pen being imported from China.


In addition, the vape pen unit had smaller air flow holes in the tank which worked well with the thinner e-liquid common in high PG E Juice mixtures. However, leaking from the clearomizer or tank unit was a common problem from the thinner consistency of PG mixes.


Finally, another issue with high PG e-liquids was that of user sensitivity to propylene glycol (PG). While relatively uncommon, PG sensitivity could be serious for people who suffered reactions. And, PG sensitivity is less common in higher VG E Juice products.


Why High PG Is Disappearing


Within a few years, vaping and cloud chasing became more common and the PG to VG mix ratios began to change.


As a consequence, flavor lines were forced to make these changes to meet consumer demands for higher VG in E Juice. Therefore, the Classic Tobacco line was re-introduced in a 50%PG:50%VG mix ratio.


Comparatively, China began producing larger tank units as sub ohm vaping and dripping were quickly becoming more popular.


In Addition, high power box mods are more common than ever with their increased power output. These units along with High VG E Juice provides a decent throat hit and lots of vapor.


Therefore, the need for high PG mix ratios has become less common and within a few years will probably be completely obsolete.


Why High VG E Juice Classic Tobaccos Now?


The E Juice Classic Tobaccos have always been top selling flavors, especially for those who are new to vaping. Furthermore, this is especially true for people who have made the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes.


As previously mentioned, sub ohm vaping and dripping will likely continue to gain in popularity. And as many new vapor enthusiasts are being born, it only made sense to offer the top 5 classic Tobaccos in a new High VG E Juice Tobacco line.


It can not be over looked that the key ingredient with regards to the VG:PG ratio and vaping styles is personal preference. In many cases, people who are used to a vape pen or who have been mod vaping for several years are more interested in sweeter richer flavors with high vape production.


Without a doubt, higher VG concentrates are always going to produce sweeter E Juice.


Finally, we are convinced that our new High VG E Liquid Tobaccos will quickly become extremely popular with many different types of vapor enthusiasts. Give these new High VG E Juice Tobaccos a try now, contact us and find out how to get samples.