Hipsters Vaping

Seriously? Hipsters are only a fraction of the Vaping Community

Ahh, hipsters. The “too cool for school” self-proclaimed elite who love to be different. They wear unique clothing styles, hate anything mainstream, and love little hidden gem eateries. And now they claim to be a dominant force in the vaping community. Um, hello! Vaping is made up of an overwhelming melting pot of people from literally every background imaginable. Let’s take a look at some of the major “cliques”, if you will, that make up this wonderful cloud-producing world.

Virgin Vapers. I like to use this phrase for the vapers who have never smoked a cigarette or cigar, but started vaping because someone they knew was into it. I personally fall into this category because my boyfriend was a big-time vaper (for, like, 7 years) and got me one for my birthday. I had no idea how to use the tiny little starter kit he gave me and initially didn’t want to get into it because I didn’t think it was all that great. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve fallen in love with all of the fruit and candy e-liquids out there, and lost count of all my favorites. I heartily enjoy making sweet puffy clouds and watching the vapor swirl around and evaporate into the surrounding air.

Tandem Vapers: I coined this term for people who use both cigarettes and e cigarettes. Some people genuinely love the feeling of having a cigarette or cigar between their fingertips, yet still enjoy the nicotine from the vape. Sometimes they use “icy” flavors to mimic the mentholated cigarettes, or 3-6 MG of nicotine which is similar to the cigarette content (but that’s another topic for another post) While I can’t relate or fathom the reason for comfortably enjoying both the e-cig and the conventional cigarette, I simply shrug my shoulders and say, “hey, to each his own.” Who am I to judge?

Social Vapers: Yeah, we all know who these people are. They don’t want their own vape setup, but always want to try the flavor you’re puffing on, especially at a party or group outing. I inwardly groan when these people around, simply because they always end up dropping it out of clumsiness (or tipsy-ness as the case may be) or refusing to give it back because they like the flavor too much. And no matter how much you offer to get them their own setup, they say they don’t want it because they either won’t use it or don’t want the hassle of buying e-liqud, batteries, new hardware, etc. They just want to sponge off of you in the moment because that’s the easiest thing to do. While we’re okay with sharing every once in awhile, nobody likes a moocher. Get your own setup and we’ll gladly lend you some e-liquid when you run low.

Copycat Vapers: They’ve only got one because all the cool kids are doing it. They use it in the company of other vapers to fit in, but in the privacy of their own home or car, their vape sits quietly in a little corner or forgotten in a purse or jacket pocket (kind of like that expensive watch you only wear when it’s your birthday, or those sexy heels that are an absolute pain to wear, but they look badass when you step out of your party limo.) Their vape always looks brand new because it practically is. They happily whip it out to fit in (no pun intended!) and manage to keep their coughing to a minimum. WHATEVER, bro. Whatever makes you happy.

Weed Vapers: this new category is quickly gaining traction ever since Mary Jane was made available in THC oil form. This category is becoming more popular as it’s much simpler to use than the traditional rolling and smoking, and is much more portable. It’s also much easier to take a quick hit of a weed pen and save it for later, taking as you crave it. The world is slowly realizing that illegalizing weed has not been successful and are taking steps to legalize and profit from this very lucrative product. By July 2018, we should be seeing quite a bit more of recreational marijuana sold and distributed in both Canada and the US.

Hardcore Vapers: These guys are seriously into vaping. Four battery mods, 12-head coils, and 6 mL capacity tanks. One word to describe these guys: WOW. They vape on insanely high wattage too, 200 watts being one of the higher levels I’ve seen. But the clouds though…here’s where I get hearts in my eyes. The clouds they produce rival cumulonimbus clouds (those are the really scary clouds in thunderstorms that sometimes bring tornadoes with them). One puff from them and you’re instantly engulfed in a blinding cloud that smells absolutely delicious. Just be careful asking to try their setup. You’ll undoubtedly launch into a coughing fit that will send you off red-faced with embarrassment and wimpy excuses as to why you can’t handle such a high wattage. The nicotine is quite a bit stronger too at those levels, so sometimes they’ll use 0 MG of nicotine to experience full flavor and an imitation of a nicotine high. Give these guys their due respect. Not everyone can vape like that and it’s definitely an advanced level of vaping.

Trick Vapers: the showoffs. Instagram and YouTube are full of incredibly talented people who have learned to do the most amazing things with ordinary, everyday setups. There are contests and face-offs to see who can do the most impressive tricks: A quick list of such tricks are as follows: ghost inhale/mushroom cloud, the dragon, the waterfall, the vapor bubble, the tornado, the french inhale, blowing O’s, and the bull ring. Awards and respect are the common prizes, and competition seminars pop up all over the country for any shop to showcase their most professional trickster. If you’re super competitive, I wouldn’t recommend attending these shows because you’ll instantly get hooked into wanting to imitate all the insanely talented vapers. I just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Review Vapers: Every vapers dream job. Free e-juice, writing about it, and getting paid for it! These vapers go through every kind of flavor there is. The only downside is…you have to go through every kind of flavor there is. Trust me on this, there are a lot of TERRIBLE flavors out there. And these vapers have to go through this to make sure you get an honest opinion of how Flavour Crafters tastes. This is a great gig, if you can get it. You have to be REALLY good at writing or video recording, know a decent amount of SEO (search engine optimization) practices, and try to be objective in your reviews.

You can’t worry about offending the people that produce or sell the flavor, because you have to try to mention what’s good and bad about the juice. Just because you don’t like a particular flavor doesn’t mean everyone else has the same opinion. I’m not a big fan of tobacco or menthol flavors, but I have to remember that everyone has a different vape pallette. Sometimes those palettes change too! Some people who started out liking candy and fruit flavors can eventually shift to milky and custard flavors because they’re different and go better with morning coffee or midday lunch breaks.

Substitute Vapers: This is a category that I personally have a soft-spot for, because they’re honestly trying to do the right thing by quitting cigarettes or cigars. Since e juice has optional nicotine content, this is logical transition to pacify the nicotine craving as well as eliminate the tar and harsh smoke smell. Some of these vapers fall into the category of Tandem Vapers, simply because they can’t kick the habit. But sometimes they are successful in completely eliminating their cigarette usage and switch over to the vaping world. Woohoo!

Rebel Vapers: these are the black sheep of the vaping community that gives vaping a bad name. Teens and high-schoolers somehow manage to get one (even though you have to be 21 with a valid ID to purchase anything vape related) and are attracted to the candy and sugar-related e-liquids. The media often likes to pounce on this category to show that vaping is a terrible habit and can lead to future bad habits. While I do see the merit of such an accusation, I’m a firm believer in Mark Cuban’s ideology that everyone is in control of their own destiny. If someone wants to rebel or acquire something illegally, it’ll happen. I won’t blame a specific outlet or environment, but rather the person who makes their own personal choices. I’ll do everything I can to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I won’t assist or condone deliberately made poor choices.

So there you have it; so many categories of vapers that make up the beloved vaping community, not only hipsters. While any vaper will be the first to tell you that anyone and everyone is welcome (we’re all super friendly), hipsters aren’t the only ones involved in the vaping community. Whether it’s a social status, hobby, or a lifestyle, vaping is a super-fun means of expressing yourself through happy-scented clouds, flashy tank & mod hardware, and what seems like a billion e-liquid flavors. Many vapers fall into more than one of these categories; I personally am a virgin vaper and a review vaper. I know several vapers who are both tandem and substitute vapers. And several rebel vapers are also weed vapers. So the next time you see a huge puff from a vaper’s lips, don’t be so quick to assume that they’re a hipster. While hipsters do make up a portion of the vaping community, not all vapers are hipsters, and not all hipsters are vapers; as the old adage goes, don’t be so quick to judge a book by the cover.