The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

Almost everyone familiar with the plant knows about smoking and vaping cannabis. On the other hand, many people prefer to eat cannabis in the form of edibles. As the world slowly accepts cannabis’ benefits to the body, more ways of consumption will be available to a lot of people.

Furthermore, one way that really strikes me as interesting is the practice of juicing raw cannabis and drinking it. Up until recently, I hadn’t really heard of this method of consuming cannabis and so I pressed on and investigated it a little more in depth. However, before heading to a dispensary to buy your cannabis for juicing, let’s first understand the basics:

  • What is cannabis,
  • How does it benefit the body,
  • And how does juicing play a role in cannabis consumption.

Let’s get started.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis refers to a group of plants known for their psychoactive properties. The flowers of the plant are harvested, dried, and consumed in several different ways.

For thousands of years, cannabis has been one of the herbal medicines that societies around the world used to treat several common ailments, from indigestion to pain. It is only in the late 19th century when world-wide consensus labeled the plant as addictive and a danger to human health.

The ruling is slowly being reversed and countries like Canada, Netherlands, and some parts of the United States have lifted the ban on the drug and made it available for medical use, recreational use, or both. Cannabis can be procured at dispensaries, with many stores offering discounts and coupons such as cheapweed coupon alternatives.

Why juicing?

According to many experts, juicing doesn’t offer any more nutrients to the body as eating the fruits and vegetable whole. In fact, fruits and vegetables lose some of their fibers during the juicing process. In addition, the reason that many people juice their food is because the liquid is readily absorbed in the digestive system for the body to use. Furthermore, juicing may also help boost our immune system by making our cells more resistant to cancer and removing harmful toxins from the body.

Ultimately, juicing raw cannabis saw a rise in popularity in recent times due to the healthy trend that many people seem to be aspiring to. For those who have an aversion to eating fruits or vegetables, they have the option to juice their food and add a few ingredients to make it more palatable.

Juicing Raw Cannabis

Juicing Raw Cannabis

It’s important to note that cannabis contains many compounds called cannabinoids that affect many of the body’s processes. Moreover, the two most common cannabinoids found in cannabis are THC and CBD. THC, in particular, is responsible for the high effect of cannabis and is activated through heating. Within the medical marijuana industry, products are rated based on the amount of either THC or CBD contained within it. Many people claim that juicing results in the release of more of these important compounds so consumers don’t have to consume as much cannabis.

Because cannabis is a plant, therefore it can be juiced. Juiced cannabis is nutritionally more dense and potent than simply smoking or vaping it. Because there’s no heating involved, juicers don’t have to worry about getting high from cannabis. They get the nutritional benefits of cannabis, along with the important cannabinoids, without the psychoactive effect the plant is known for that many people find quite unpleasant.

Finally, can cannabis be juiced? Yes, of course. Users get the best of both worlds through juicing raw cannabis; they get the nutritional benefits that the cannabis plant offers without the psychoactive effects of the plant.

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