Justejuice Account Types:

Justejuice Account Types offers TWO Wholesale Membership Accounts and each one has their own advantages & benefits:

Retail Membership Accounts:

Our Retail Membership Accounts offers Discount Savings and Coupon Promotions based on their Membership level. Upon registering an account, all new customers automatically receive a Bronze Membership level discount of 15% off.  Not to mention, customers can graduate to Silver and Gold levels which are based on orders; get the details and learn how easy it is to receive higher discounts on our E Juice Membership page.

Furthermore, Retail Members can easily refer to their Cart contents and compare the listed pricing to their discounted pricing. Additionally, in the example below, you will see an item price for your Membership level. The image below displays a Bronze Membership at a 15% discount.

For Example:

Ex, $14.99 and then your Bronze Membership discount $12.74 right next to it.) as shown.

Membership Accounts

Also, Retail Membership Accounts allows new customers to receive discounts on smaller orders while minimizing online shopping risks.  Moreover, all Retail Membership Accounts have been carefully designed for those who are buying for themselves and or friends & family members. Furthermore, we advise all new customers to check out the information provided on our Retail Vape Guides page and the Account & Ordering information found on our FAQ’s page as well.

Everyone must register for an account before shopping in order to receive wholesale discounts. Why must I Open an Account? Our store is designed to receive orders and respond to all submitted orders both by automated and manually generated emails. Also, we need to know where to ship your products and how to contact you if necessary.

In addition, your respective discount is attached to your account, therefore in order to receive discount benefits, please open your account before shopping.

Furthermore, from the My Account Dashboard you can perform helpful tasks such as, View Recent Orders, manage your Shipping and Billing Addresses and edit or change your Password including a host of other useful functions.

Finally, although you can browse our E Juice Store without an account, our system can’t accept orders without an active account. After registration, you can simply use our “Login” on return visits. Moreover, when registering, please insure you use a strong password and keep it in a safe place at all times.

Help us keep your information Secure!

Re-Seller Premium Members Discounts:

The Re-Sellers Premium Members Account is the preferred Account Type for Re-Sellers and Store Owners alike. In addition, Our vape juice supplier Flavour Crafters offers a complete solution on high quality lab made & packaged vape products, based on quantity tiered discounts.

Also, fixed rate Premium Membership is preferred by Re-Sellers & Shop Owners who maintain budgets and need to track product costs.

Justejuice is a fully endorsed Flavour Crafters Representative, you can register with us by Clicking Here or register for wholesale directly at Flavour Crafters.

After registration, you will receive further information and notifications by email.