Mint’D Vapes

Mint’D Vapes offer 3 new exciting flavors which I enjoyed vaping. Mint’d Vapes offers a product line of fruit-infused menthol flavors.

This offers vapers who prefer a bit of an icy chill along with their favorite flavors to enjoy sweet chilled clouds for days. Mint’d has three different flavors that bring the frozen fruit flavors to your vape tank, and is available in three different bottle sizes: 30mL, 60mL, and 120mL.

In addition, the consistency of the e juice is somewhat watery, and fluid, thanks to the 85/15. VG/PG ratio. These flavors offer cloud levels which are thick and sweetly-scented, and is something that all cloud chasers crave. Furthermore, the nicotine level is very customizable, offering 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

These flavors are produced in no-mess Unicorn & Chubby Gorilla squeeze bottles, with easy to open caps and thin plastic drip needle tips for quick fill-ups. This is also super handy as we run about doing our daily errands; realizing that I’m halfway through my errands and completely finished with my vape juice is not a feeling I really enjoy. But anyways…back to the Mint’d Vapes review!

The Mint’d trio ended up being an interesting lineup, filled with strong mints & menthol flavors and provided a decent throat hits. At least one of the two flavors was noticeable in each puff, and the quality of the e juice was a great consistency. I was happy with these juices because they were full of sweet fruit flavor and a powerful kick of menthol. The clouds were puffy and flavorful, quickly filing up a room with the sweet minty freshness. Even if you’re not looking for fresher breath, these e juices deliver a frosty minty wonderland of flavor in your clouds, and a icy winter bite to your vape taste buds.

I have written reviews for each Mint’d Vapes as the product description.

Remember, reviews are all about opinion and preference. Not everyone who vapes has the same vape palette, and that’s what makes reviewing an individual e juice flavor an objective undertaking.

However, feel free to agree or disagree with my opinion, and add your comments!