Revolve VG E Juice 30ml | 120ml

Revolve VG E Juice 30ml | 120ml Product Description:

Revolve VG E Juice 30ml | 120ml are made using only the finest ingredients under sterile laboratory conditions.

Revolve VG E Juice


  • Ratio Mix: 85% Vegetable Glycerin, 15% Propylene glycol,
  • Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Unicorn Plastic Child Proof Cap w/ needle tip.
  • Bottle Size & Type: 120ml Chubby Gorilla Plastic Child Proof Cap w/ needle tip.
  • Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, & 12mg
  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade water soluble natural & artificial flavorings.
  • This product may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.

Note: All E Juice Bottles Are Twist Lock Sealed Under Sterile Laboratory Conditions!

Revolve VG E Juice 30ml Flavors

Revolve VG E Juice from Flavour Crafters offers 100% attention to their products. Which is why USP (United States pharmaceutical) Kosher grade glycerin is used in their Revolve E Juice flavor line. These flavors are all 85% Max VG, for a much better e liquid flavor quality.

Justejuice offers Flavour Crafters because they only use flavorings which are meant for vaping. Not to mention, all flavors are consistently tested at Enthalpy Labs, located in Durham, North Carolina (USA). In addition, we are very proud to offer products which are 100% Extracted Nicotine.

Finally, Canadian regulations on tobacco products and E Juice is far greater than other countries. And Flavour Crafters has extremely high standards in the E Juice industry, with no impurities for a smoother, better tasting vape.

Sterile Lab Made Revolve VG E Juice

To date, Flavour Crafters is one of the only E Juice manufacturers in Canada to produce E Juice in a sterile lab environment. This is why you can bank on the taste and quality of Flavour Crafters Revolve VG E Juice Flavors!

Revolve VG E Juice flavors are sweeter & thicker than our PG E Juice Flavors. The Revolve VG E Juice flavor line offers new and exciting VG flavors with a multitude of tasty desert, fruit & milk shake flavors. Revolve flavors are also easier on the throat than PG base flavors.

Throat irritation is the most common complaint experienced with PG E Juice. It is common for many new vapors to start with PG flavors then after gaining some experience vaping, switch to VG E Juice flavors.

Our new Revolve VG E Juice offers a great assortment of various vaping flavors for experienced and non-experienced Electronic Cigarette users. If you enjoy vaping VG fruit flavors, you will definitely be able find your new everyday vape.

Try Revolve VG E Juice flavors and find out for yourself if VG E Juice is the best choice for you.