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Smok Infinix Pod Coils


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Smok Infinix Pod Coils

There are 2 Smok Infinix Pods with built in Coils included in every Smok Infinix 250mah Vape Pod Kit, however it’s always a good idea to have a few extra on hand. Everyone who has been vaping for a while knows that coil wicks get old and corroded. Therefore, the cotton inside the heater coil within the Pod needs to be replaced on occasion.

In addition, Smok Infinix Pod Coils are simple and quick to replace and each replacement Pod Pack contains:

  • Quantity: 3 Replacement Pods
  • Pod Capacity: 2 mls
  • Resistance in Ohms: 1.4


How To Replace Smok Infinix Pod Coils:

There are two available solutions to help avoid running out of replacement Pod Coils for your Smok Infinix 250mah Pod Kit Vape Pen.

  1. You Can Buy These Coil Packs
  2. Rebuild The Used Coils

Changing smok coil wicks with new cotton is for more advanced users and can be time consuming for newbies. One must decide whether or not it’s worth the time to rebuild these pod coils as opposed to simply buying new ones. Moreover, there is already a huge cost saving with using a vape pen such as the Infinix as opposed to smoking cigarettes.

However, we have provided all the information on this page including the “How To Videos” below in order to help you make an informed decision.

How To Change The Pod & Refill:

  • Remove the Pod from the Infinix body. (Pull Apart)

  • Remove rubber fill seal on the side of Pod.

  • Fill with E Juice slightly below the top. (Avoid Overfilling)

  • If replacing Pod with a new one, fill as described above.

  • Reattach the Pod onto Infinix body and your good to go.

  • See diagram below.

Smok Infinix Pod Coils

How To Set-Up & Re-Fill Infinix Pods:

How To Rebuild Coil Wicks With Cotton:

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