Vape Illness Facts

Vape Illness Facts vs Mainstream Media Hysteria

In the past month the mainstream media has seized the opportunity to spread wild stories over the unfortunate vape illnesses and deaths through-out the US. Unfortunately, the media hype has targeted the entire vape industry by providing half truths and only one side of the discussion. Therefore, if they won’t tell you the vape illness facts, we will. In addition, we felt the best way to answer everyone’s concerns was either in a newsletter or blog post.

Many large producers of Vape products have taken the initiative to educate the public as to the vape illness facts behind the reported lung problems and deaths. Unlike the media, who’s main interest appears to be web traffic, clicks and advertising. Also, the vaping community’s main goal is and always has been to educate people of the facts which support vaping.

Moreover, besides the illnesses and deaths, the situation is sad for another reason. The fear mongering from the media has also discouraging adult smokers from considering or continuing the use of vapour products as a harm reduction tool. On the other hand, the vaping community will continue to support the use of vaping products as a viable alternative to conventional tobacco products.

Furthermore, tobacco use and lung cancer are the real issues in our opinion. However, while these illnesses and deaths are very sad, we must speak to those who are concerned about the safety of nicotine vapor products as an alternative to tobacco products.

The truth is that vaping related illness in the United States has been associated to black market THC / Cannabis extract cartridges. Additionally, the FDA is currently investigating these cases and have been analyzing black market THC vape cartridges that where used by those affected prior to their illness.

In addition, the FDA has found a common ingredient in more than half of the black market THC vape cartridges tested, vitamin E acetate. The FDA recently Subpoenaed 3 USA companies for selling cannabis extract thickening agents that consisted of vitamin e acetate. Click Here for a direct link to more detailed information from Rolling Stones.

In fact, the addition of such ingredients as vegetable oil, or vitamin e acetate into nicotine vapour products is not only without practical value (there is no conceivable need), and is already prohibited by Health Canada in TVPA section 2 as “Essential fatty acids”.

Click here for a direct link to more detailed information from the Government of Canada.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the Health Authorities in England who assessed vapor products to be 95% less harmful than conventional tobacco products. Also, the electronic cigarette is an important tool to reduce the harm and negative impact tobacco smoking is having around the world.

Also, we have always discourage a none smoker from using vapor products and we will always support those who choose to stop using nicotine.

If you are considering going back to smoking tobacco out of fear, we encourage you take your time to research first. We have gathered some helpful links to information below.

Brent Stafford of Regulator watch recently interviewed Martin Dockrell from Public Health UK on the topic.
Click Here for a direct link to Regulator Watch Interview with Public Health UK’s Martin Dockrell

For those of you who are not aware, Flavour Crafters Inc. has been heavily invested in testing their products for many years and offers the test results publicly on their website at the following address.

Click here for a direct link to Flavour Crafters E liquid Testing.

Finally, we would also like to refer you to a valued source of honest and logical information amidst this media hysteria. Dr. Farsalinos provides a host of scientific opinions on his site e we highly recommend reading his work. And from personal experience you can check out my post, “How I Kicked A 30 year Habit In The Ass w/ A Vape Pen”.

Thanks for reading and take the time to do your own research, get the Vape Illness Facts for yourself.