Vape Mints Menthol Flavors

Ingredients And Description

  • Ratio Mix: 50% Vegetable Glycerin, 50% Propylene glycol,
  • Bottle Size & Type: 30ml Unicorn Plastic Child Proof Cap w/ needle tip.
  • Bottle Size & Type: 120ml Chubby Gorilla Plastic Child Proof Cap w/ needle tip.
  • Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg & 18mg
  • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade water soluble natural & artificial flavorings.
  • This product may contain nicotine depending upon the strength selected.

Vape Mints Menthol Flavors

Vape Mints Menthol Flavors offer some of the best selling Kool tastes. Also, these popular Vape flavors include a great mixture of mints, peppermints and cool menthol ice flavors. Likewise, prepare to have your vape taste buds rocked by an icy blast of mint and menthol clouds! No more traveling the frozen tundras or battling blistering snowstorms in search of that icy Menthol Flavor.

Introducing our carefully selected lineup of the best menthol juice, carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings for minty clouds! In addition, the best Vape Mints Menthol Flavors includes a fruity favorite from our Infection lineup. Such as, Sour Berry Mint Plague flavor, bursting with refreshing cool mint and mouth squinting sour fruits! Also, including the pinch hitter fruit flavors include Delightful Green Dragon (with sweet dragonfruit and tart apple), Blissful Grape Berry, and Outstanding Straw Melon!

However, if minty fruits aren’t your thing, we have just the lineup of minty menthol goodness that you’ll absolutely adore. Blissful Spearmint brings the frost of the winter into your vape tank with icy whipping clouds. Exciting Peppermint brings the nostalgia of Christmas in every puff, smooth and chilly with each inhale. Strong Canadian Menthol brings a cool hit from a country known for its cold weather, inviting you to experience the winter in icy and flavorful clouds.

And finally, if you’re not too keen on having frozen fruits or simply minty e liquids, we have crafted a bold and exciting flavor that is perfect to unleash your inner cowboy: Distinctive Menthol Tobacco! Enjoy the bold and rich flavor of rolling tobacco as you lasso clouds the size of Texas! Herd in your clouds into a huge puffy stampede of flavor as you puff on smooth and bold Tobacco!

Each Vape Mints Menthol Flavor is crafted with you as the vaper in mind, offering a 50/50 VG/PG blend so that you get equal amounts of flavor as well as equal amounts of clouds. The e liquid amount bottle is customized to your vaping preference: if you just can’t get enough of a particular flavor, we offer you a whopping 120mL chubby gorilla bottle, complete with a plastic child proof cap and an easy to drip needle tip.

If you’re a vaper who’s constantly changing flavors or if you’d like to try several flavors at once to see if you’ll like them, snag a 30 mL bottle and whet your vape taste buds with aromatic clouds.

Our nicotine levels are highly customizable, ranging from a 0MG of nicotine, to a whopping 18MG of nicotine! Choose your weapon wisely, and lose yourself in the chilly plumes of icicle layered clouds!

Whatever your flavor craving is, these best juice brands can satisfy your parched and long suffering vape taste buds in a single puff of our icy e liquid bottles! Browse our fine collection of chilly e liquids and discover your next favorite menthol flavor that will take your clouds to infinity and beyond!

Furthermore, these Cool top selling Vape Mints Menthol flavors are original flavors which have been available for many years and are still preferred by Mint & Menthol lovers everywhere. Likewise, enjoy these amazing cool flavors with your Vape Pen now in 30ml & 120ml Plastic bottle Sizes. In addition, get a wholesale discounts with even more of your favorite flavor in a 120ml size!

Finally, if you’ve been searching for a Mint or Menthol flavor this category will surely offer you the Kool flavor you’ve been searching for!