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  • Smok Infinix, Best Vape Pen, vape pen Smok Infinix, Best Vape Pen, vape pen

    Smok Infinix 250mah Vape Pod Kit


    Smok Infinix - What is it?

    The Smok Infinix Kit has quickly gained popularity as a reliable low cost electronic cigarette. Justejuice highly recommends this product for those interested in switching to vaping as opposed to smoking.  Not to mention, this unit is great for everyone from vape newbies to the more experienced vapor enthusiasts who are sick of carting around bulky mods and battery cases when they leave their home.In addition, this unit offers a simplistic approach to vaping which is the original intent of the electronic cigarette to replace tobacco smoking. Furthermore, it is light and comfortable to hold, simple to refill and will easily fit into a shirt pocket or purse. Moreover, this pod kit vapes great with any of our VG | PG mix ratios especially our Salt'd Classics Line of vape juice.Additional Smok Infinix 3 Pack Pods are available for this Starter Kit.
  • Smok Mico 700mah Pod Kit Smok Mico 700mah Pod Kit

    Smok Mico 700mah Pod Kit

    The Smok Mico 700mAh Pod Kit employs a elegant resin design on the device which looks like abstract oil painting. It is sure to make your vaping outstanding and unique. In addition, Smok Mico is powered by a built-in rechargeable 700mAh lithium battery, the MICO is able to ensure your vaping all day long. The included two pods comes with 0.8ohm mesh coil and 1.0ohm regular coil separately, bringing you an ultra mouth to lung (MTL) vaping experience. Both pods can hold 1.7ml capacity. What's more, by using the included lanyard, you can easily carry the pocket size kit. Don't miss this new convenient innovative pod kit.
  • Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit

    Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit

    Smok Nord Pod Starter Kit is a newly designed button-triggered pod system device. Moreover, it offers a large 1100mAh battery, along with a modest 3ml tank capacity which makes it a powerful pod system device. Also, if fully charged, you can also expect to get 6-8hrs of consistent vaping with this battery. Furthermore, this pod is also a perfect size making it comfortable and easy to hold in your hand, including it's convenient newly added easy access activation button. It is also equipped with two exclusive coils, such as the Nord Mesh 0.6Ω coil and Nord  regular 1.4Ω coil.The Mesh 0.6Ω coil is specially designed for sub OHM vaping and offers a faster heating of the coil perfect for massive vapor (Cloud) production. On the other hand, Nord regular 1.4Ω coil is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying throat hit similar to the sensation that smoking brings. Not to mention, there is also a 1.4Ω ceramic coil available for the this Pod kit which can be purchased separately. In addition, this coil is specially designed for higher heat and longer life, and is considered to be the preferred coil for Salt Nic vaping.Finally, this Pod System also provides information about battery life. Additionally, this pod device also offers a vape juice window so you can avoid low juice levels and that nasty dry vape accident.
  • Smok Trinity Alpha Pod Kit SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit

    Smok Trinity Alpha Pod Kit

    SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit is the latest open pod system by SMOK. It is shaped like a square box featuring a powerful 1000mAh internal battery and two Nord Mesh Coils, boasting many novel features to deliver diversified vaping pleasures. Furthermore, it's ergonomically designed power button makes using the device quick and easy. It also includes colorful flowing resin streaks on both sides which adds a touch of radiance to the device and shows its meticulous attention to detail. Smok Trinity Alpha is certainly a fine combination of both vape and art.Moreover, this vape device has implemented an ingenious output functionality offering three separate power modes. In addition, it is capable of 10-25 watt ranges with interchangeable coils offering the user a wide variety of vaping experiences between freebase e juice and nicotine salts. As for the pod itself, it adopts an ingenious push-up-type design on its filling cap to ensure everyday long-lasting vaping with a maximum vape juice capacity of 2.8ml.Finally, Smok Trinity Alpha also uses the same mesh coils as it's cousin the Smok Nord Pod Kit, however an additional Trinity Alpha Replacement Pod can also be purchased separately if required.Buy replacement Smok Trinity Pods are available. 
  • Vladin Re Full Pod Kit Vladin Re Full Pod Kit

    Vladin Re Full Pod Kit

    Vladin Re Full Pod Kit is a multi purpose vaping kit specially designed to vape CBD and THC oils. However, this awesome unit can also be used to vape your favorite vape juice flavors. Additional Vladdin Re Full Pods can also be purchased separately in 4 packs.Vladin Re Full Pod Kit offers a closed loop system which has strengthened the atomization technique, leading to a similar smoke taste. While ensuring it's convenience of use, the Vladdin also improves the durability and insulation performance. In addition, it adopts the magnet technique at the bottom of the tank, achieving spill-proof improvement. Also, it is a portable and easy to use refillable pod vaping system. It achieves consistent and efficient delivery of vape through it's controlled power.Finally, addition Vladin Pods can be purchased in packs of 4.