Vaping Daily Deals

Our “Vaping Daily Deals” discount codes will save you money when shopping our partner stores. Each discount code is exclusive to individual partner sites.

How It Works:

Simply follow the directions for the discount code you want to use below.

  1. Write down or copy the code for the site you plan to visit.
  2. Shop the site and apply the discount code at check out.

Get started now, register your account and shop Flavour Crafters. At check-out apply your 15% Bronze level discount code found in the table below. All discount levels offers are exclusive to Justejuice, so Join Flavour Crafters and get started now!

Flavour Crafters offers a multitude of flavors & categories with:

  • Over 9 Years In The Vaping Business,
  • Complete Credit Card Processing,
  • 24hr Processing Time & International Shipping,
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
  • Ongoing Enthopy Analytical testing,
  • Displayed CAD to USD conversion at current exchange rates, an instant savings for our American friends,
  • Best Canadian Classic Tobacco Flavors in the Vape Industry,
  • Save an additional 15% off using the Discount Code Below!

Flavour Crafters Discount Code

  • Copy This Discount Code: justejuicebronze
  • No Expiry
  • *Available to Everyone*

How To Get Higher Vaping Daily Deals

To move up and get better discounts, simply meet the order requirements for the next discount level (See benefits Below). Then contact us using the contact form below and after verification, we will provide you with your next level coupon code. Its that easy!


15 %
  • Savings per order
  • Only 2 Orders Advance To Silver
  • Advance To Silver Discount
  • Get Exclusive Offers
  • Get Notified of New Vapes
  • Get Vape Coupons
  • *Satisfaction Guarantee*


30 %
  • Savings per order
  • Best Discount
  • Get Free Samples
  • Get Exclusive Offers
  • Get Notified of New Vapes
  • Get Vape Coupons
  • *Satisfaction Guarantee*


25 %
  • Savings per order
  • Only 3 Orders Advance To Gold
  • Advance To Gold Discount
  • Get Exclusive Offers
  • Get Notified of New Vapes
  • Get Vape Coupons
  • *Satisfaction Guarantee*

Vaping Daily Deals Offer Great Savings

Our Vaping Daily Deals offers you discount savings over and above regular prices at participating partner stores. Not to mention, these discounts are always available unless otherwise noted.

And, that also includes, wicked low risk first time buyer offers which are always available as well. So, what does that mean to new customers? It means there is a discount code you can use with every order.

Moreover, you will see your applied discount immediately at check-out! We make it easy to use these discount codes, simply follow the directions for the discount code you plan to use.

Finally, take advantage of these Vape Daily Deals now and start saving on great products from our partner stores.

Not sure which flavors are right for you? Check out our Customer Reviews page where you can filter products based on popularity and see what others are says.

Note: No more than 1 discount code can be used per order at any store. If you have questions, please contact us using the contact form below.

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