Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Etiquette Explores the [do’s and don’ts] of Vaping when in the company of others.

The electronic cigarette and e-juice industries are still relatively new to most people. Not to mention, there are still people among us that know very little or nothing at all about vaping and tend to form their opinions on what they read or hear.

Also, just as there exists large Pro Vape Pen & Vape Juice groups, there also exists a huge Anti E Cigarette group or so called “Health Zealots” who wish to impose their will of anti vaping onto others.

So let’s be fair and introduce ourselves: Hi! We’re VAPERS, not SMOKERS! A lot of smokers are actually trying stop smoking by incorporating vaping into their lives. By calling a “smoker” a “vaper” is actually a compliment, yet calling a “vaper” a “smoker” is offensive. Cigarette and cigar smoke are terrible for our health, as the Canadian and U.S. governments constantly tells us with terrifying ads about losing our body parts and “relinquishing our freedom.” Cigarettes have tar and nicotine and it has been confirmed that these devices are also known carcinogens. Yes, we get it. And millions of smoking Americans are actively doing something about it. So many smokers are trying to cut down on their cigarette intake, as well as even completely kick the habit. Cigarette smokers know they have a bad habit. They’re either in denial, ashamed, or just don’t care about their problem. So let’s try to be a little more considerate before yelling out, “Quit smoking!” or launching into hysteric coughing fits when passing by someone who smokes or vapes.

Something else to consider when being in the presence of others is that this is a habit. Just as people eat sunflower seeds or drink energy drinks, many people vape. If it bothers you, mention it! But nicely, please. If you come off saying something like, “This is killing my asthma, why can’t you do it over there?” or “Keep that nasty stuff to yourself, I actually care about my health” it comes off rude and unkind. Something as simple as, “Hey, I’m not really comfortable with the whole vaping thing. Is it alright if you can hold off doing that for a little while?” or “I don’t know if you realize, but some of my guests are a little uncomfortable with all the vape smoke. Can I help you find a different place to vape where no one will complain?” Little things like that go a long way for us vapers. We just want the same kindness and respect that any normal human being deserves.

It is a nationwide law that people cannot smoke indoors anymore at public places, such as in restaurants, hotels, public restrooms, malls, and bars. But did you know there are several outdoor places that ban it too? Many beaches now restrict vapers from using their devices with several hundred feet of the beach. Many public parks also restrict the use of vaping because it disturbs others from enjoying the serenity of the view. Outdoor patios or restaurants and rooftop bars forbid it as well to avoid disturbing other patrons. Many airports and amusement parks have designated smoking areas but are usually filled with harsh cigarette smoke and aren’t worth it. Keep this in mind when you vape. Many amusement parks also restrict the use of glass bottle vapes and will make you discard them at the door or offer to store if for you for a hefty price-tag (usually the price of an all-day locker). Also, according to the TSA, you can only bring vape hardware (like your batteries, tank, and mod) in your carry on. E Juice can be brought with carry-on, but can only hold up to 100mL. Anything higher needs to be checked into your luggage or discarded. And finally, you cannot vape in subways, whether on an underground or outdoor platform. Police will quickly issue a summons if they see this habit, and ignorance is not a valid defense for breaking the law. Simply put, “I didn’t know” will not keep you from getting a ticket. And now that we’ve talked about things that you DON’T do in the presence of vapers, let’s go over some things that you CAN DO.

First of all, almost all of us vapers are friendly when it comes to our habit. Asking us what flavor we have in our tank or what setup we’re using can usually make us smile and want to talk to you. Showing that you’re sincerely interested in something we’re using makes us want to like you. We already have too many reasons to dislike people; give us something to separate you from the rest. Also, many of us vapers are very knowledgeable about our habit. We can tell you tons of good and bad flavors, what setups to use, what companies are great or not so great, where we bought our setups and how much we paid, right down to why vape in the first place. It’s something that many of us vapers do on a daily basis. Because of that, we really learn a lot about vaping and are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who asks.

Second of all, you CAN ask a vaper to borrow some of his e-juice. Just like bumming a cigarette or wanting a piece of gum, the vape world is very ready to share. Some vapers are even completely okay letting you use their setup completely to try a flavor, which can present a bit of a gross-out factor for germaphobes. But it just goes to show you how friendly we are and ready to lend a hand. A lot of the flavors have categories, such as candy, dessert, menthol, custard, fruit, and tobacco. It would be impossible to try every flavor of e-liquid out there. So if you smell something you like, ask to try it and where they bought it from. And likewise, share and share alike. If you have a coveted flavor, one tankful won’t hurt to share. Unless it’s the last bottle on the planet (which we know it isn’t), be generous with fellow vapers.

Thirdly, you CAN vape in your car, private apartment, and walking down a sidewalk. Vaping isn’t something that’s forbidden, but in order to maintain equality with smokers (as well as to make all non-vapers/smokers happy), there are certain places that just don’t allow it. But this shouldn’t daunt you! One of the best times to vape is in the summertime, when all of the humidity is thick in the air. This lets your clouds hang lazily and drift away, instead of being swept away by the harsh winds of winter and fall. You can also vape in your personal car (unless you’re part of a ride-sharing program), even if you have people in your car that don’t like it. One simple solution would be to roll down your windows and inform them that you would like to vape. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can roll down their window as well, and you’ll do the best you can not to blow clouds in their direction. Also, vaping as you walking outside is allowed, whether it be down a busy street, parking lot, on a leisurely stroll to the grocery store, or walking your dog. An easy thing to do if you’re not sure if you can vape in a specific area is to look around you for signs that show enforced rules. If none of these are around and you’re still worried, look it up online. A simple web search will usually alleviate fears of getting a ticket or a stern reprimand.

Vaping is a very difficult subject because there is so much misinformation. Asking questions, being courteous, and staying aware of current rules will go a long way in making sure you’re in the know. Vaping doesn’t have to be a terrible thing if you know enough about it. And even if you decide that vaping isn’t for you, keep in mind there are habits you have that not everyone approves of. The do’s and don’ts of the vaping community are certainly more than the ones listed, but this should give you a general idea of how vapers think and how they’d like to be treated. There is also some helpful information to keep you aware of current vaping trends and rules as you go about your vaping routine.