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Vaping Frequently Asked Questions2019-06-23T01:42:08-07:00

Vaping Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vaping Frequently Asked Questions page provides quick answers to the most commonly asked questions by our Customers.

Also, Vaping F A Q Answers are provided below each question in a drop down tab and in many instances contain links to other pages for more detailed information.

In addition, Vaping Frequently Asked Questions page provides a vast array of information on many Topics in the Vaping F A Q Categories. Also, the Navigation F A Q Topics Category explains how easy it to navigate our site with lists of Page Links at your finger tips.

Finally, Accounts & Ordering Info FAQ explains how to perform simple Account related tasks, such as changing your password or billing and shipping information. If your question isn’t answered in one of our Vaping Frequently Asked Questions Categories, please feel free to Contact Us.

Vaping Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Back To The Front Page?2019-06-22T00:10:35-07:00

How Do I Get Back To The Front Page?

If You Are Shopping On Justejuice Wholesale, Simply click on this Logo link found on the main menu or Click on HOME:


Where Are The Store Policies2019-06-22T00:11:22-07:00

Where Are The Store Policies

Our “Store Policies” page contains all our store policies and explains how Justejuice conducts business. Clicking on the link below will take you to the topics covered on our stores policies.

Also, our store policies covers subjects such as Returns, Exchanges, Privacy and Terms of Use policies.

Justejuice Store Policies

If you have any questions about our Store Policies page, Please Contact Us.

Where Are The E Juice Flavors2019-06-22T00:19:18-07:00

Where Are The E Juice Flavors?

Shopping Wholesale:
Our Wholesale E Juice flavors can be found by clicking on the E Juice Shop Categories page located under the “E Juice Wholesale” drop down TAB found on the top & footer Menus. The Wholesale Shop page offers many flavor Categories.

Also, you can shop by Customer Reviews which is easier if you are already familiar with our product lines. Our Vape Juice Brands can easily be found in our Main Menu. You can easily return to any Category Shopping page by using the Main Menu located on all product & shop pages.

How Do I Print A Receipt2019-11-24T11:42:51-08:00

How Do I Print A Receipt?

It’s easy to print a receipt after you successfully submit your order to us, you will automatically receive an Invoice by email. You will also receive a Packing Slip which lists your products with your order when it arrives at the “Ship To” location you’ve specified in your order.

Also, you can easily print your own order receipt from your own mail box or from your account page.

Log-in to your Account Dashboard found in My Account“,

  • Click the Orders Tab
  • Then click on View
  • You can then right click and choose print.

Make sure you have a working printer connected to the device you are using.

Visit our Retail Vape Guides page where you can find links to all our info pages in one central location.

When Is My Credit Card Charged2019-06-22T01:50:01-07:00

When Is My Credit Card Charged?

Your Credit Card will be charged immediately through our secure, PCI Compliant payment processor. However, it may take a business day or 2 before you see the charge on your Credit Card account. The charge will appear on your credit card statement from our parent company as DCD Enterprises Ltd.

Where Do I Find Prices2019-06-22T01:55:01-07:00

Where Do I Find Prices?

You must have A Membership Account to view prices which are found on all product pages.

See our cost saving Memberships for more info.

Do You Add Tax2019-10-20T21:43:28-07:00

Do You Add Tax?

No one enjoys paying tax any more than we enjoy collecting them! As a registered business in Canada, we are bound by law to collect and submit GST, PST & HST taxes quarterly when applicable.

The GST tax is collected and paid to the Federal Gov’t on all orders. If your Province demands the HST, then it will be added to your order at which ever rate for your territory.

In most cases, PST is not collected.

For all United States Orders, we must collect the (GST 5%) at check-out under Canadian Law.

Payment Methods2019-06-22T02:27:05-07:00

What Justejuice Payment Methods Do You Offer?

Justejuice Payment Methods

E Transfer:

E Transfer is currently our default payment method, not to be confused with Interac Online direct debit. Also, most Banks and Credit Unions offer their Customers this service under the heading, “Transfers.” within your Bank Account Menu.

In addition, you must have online banking set up through your financial institution to send e transfers. Furthermore, once e transfers are set up through your Financial Institution you never need to re-set them up again. And, you can make all future purchases at Justejuice in this manner.

Finally, if you are unfamiliar with e transfers, you can view our Justejuice Payment Methods Page. You can also go to the Interac Information Website to view the Demo.

Please visit our Payment Methods page for more detailed information.

If You Have Any Ordering Questions, Please Contact Us

Note: You must see a “SUCCESS” Page after submitting your order. Otherwise, your order has not been completed and we will not have received it.

Do You Process Back Orders2019-06-22T00:23:32-07:00

Do You Process Back Orders?

Our system does not currently allow, nor do we process back orders.

How Do I Return Products2019-06-22T04:32:13-07:00

How Do I Return Products?

Please visit our Justejuice Policies page for more detailed information on product returns and exchanges. Please remember to order small quantities before ordering larger quantities which helps alleviate the need for returns or exchanges.

My Order Has Not Arrived2019-06-22T00:25:49-07:00

My Order Has Not Arrived?

Check your tracking information for the where a bouts of your order. If a problem exits, Contact Us immediately so that we can look into it for you.
Please view our Shipping Info page for more detailed information.

How Do I Track My Order2019-06-22T00:29:36-07:00

How Do I Track My Order?

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with a tracking link to Canada Post or the courier company handling your order. You will be able to track the status and where a bouts of your order. If you don’t receive a tracking email or there’s some kind of problem, contact us for the status of your order.

How Long Before My Order Ships2019-06-22T00:31:25-07:00

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days at most. Not including weekends and Stat holidays. Large orders can take longer depending on available Products in stock.
Visit our Shipping Info page for more info.

I Received A Wrong Product Or Order2019-06-22T00:38:52-07:00

I Received A Wrong Product Or Order?

Although this is very rare, if you receive vape juice you didn’t order, please look over your delivery receipt and compare it to your original order.

You can do this on your My Account dashboard under the orders tab when logged in.

If a conflict exits, please immediately Contact Us so that we may correct the problem. We are always willing to work with you to correct any issues you may have. See products returns and exchanges.

How Much Is Shipping2019-06-22T00:42:26-07:00

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping costs at check out varies depending on the size & weight of your order and the shipping method you choose.

At times, we offer Free Shipping as a “Promotional Coupon” when available, to all Canadian destinations via Canada Post. Visit our Shipping Info page for detailed information on shipping services we offer.

How Do I Get A Membership2019-10-20T21:43:59-07:00

How Do I Get A Membership Account?

Opening your Bronze Membership Account at Justejuice is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

From The Main Menu

  1. Click on the My Account link
  2. Upon registration, you will receive an Activation link by email. Then *another email* with your login info
  3. After Creating Your Membership Account you can edit the following from the “My Account Page”
  4. Complete the Billing & Shipping Info. You can also change your Password. Remember to Keep It In A Safe Place.

You can then log-in anytime using the email address & password you’ve created. Easily change your password or any information.

Do I Need An Account Membership2019-10-20T21:44:22-07:00

Do I Need An Membership Account?

You must open an account membership before you can add products to your cart and check-out.

Reason: This creates a shipping profile and our system doesn’t allow any orders without one. Our system is designed to respond to orders by sending automated notification emails.

We need to have some basic information about you and where to ship your products. We need to be able to contact you if necessary.  Please save your password in a safe place.

Once you’ve logged into your account you can edit your billing and shipping information.

Open Your Bronze Membership Account Now

Visit our How To Order page for more info.

Please Note: If you are not an adult or the age of majority in your Province or State do not open an account with us. We verify the age of all first time orders and if you are not an adult, you will simply loose your money!

FAQ Contact Justejuice2019-10-20T21:44:40-07:00

FAQ Contact Justejuice

Contact us using this form and we will get back to within 24-48hrs.

We look forward to helping you!

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