Vaping Frequently Asked Questions | (Comprehensive) Answers

/Vaping Frequently Asked Questions | (Comprehensive) Answers
Vaping Frequently Asked Questions | (Comprehensive) Answers2018-12-14T00:55:55-08:00

Vaping Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vaping Frequently Asked Questions page provides quick answers to the most commonly asked questions by our Customers.

Also, Vaping F A Q Answers are provided below each question in a drop down tab and in many instances contain links to other pages for more detailed information.

In addition, Vaping Frequently Asked Questions page provides a vast array of information on many Topics in the Vaping F A Q Categories. Also, the Navigation F A Q Topics Category explains how easy it to navigate our site with lists of Page Links at your finger tips.

Finally, Accounts & Ordering Info FAQ explains how to perform simple Account related tasks, such as changing your password or billing and shipping information. If your question isn’t answered in one of our Vaping Frequently Asked Questions Categories, please feel free to Contact Us.

Account | Ordering Info

How Do I Get Back To The Front Page?2018-11-23T19:52:36-08:00

How Do I Get Back To The Front Page?

How Do I Get Back To The Front Page?

If You Are Shopping On Justejuice Wholesale, Simply click on this Logo link found on the main menu or Click on HOME:


Where Are The Store Policies2018-11-23T19:52:36-08:00

Where Are The Store Policies

Where Are The Store Policies? Our “Store Policies” page contains all our store policies and explains how Justejuice conducts business. Clicking on the link below will take you to the topics covered on our stores policies.

Also, our store policies covers subjects such as Returns, Exchanges, Privacy and Terms of Use policies.

Justejuice Store Policies


If you have any questions about our Store Policies page, Please Contact Us.

Where Are The E Juice Flavors2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

Where Are The E Juice Flavors

Where Are The E Juice Flavors?

Shopping Wholesale:
Our Wholesale E Juice flavors can be found by clicking on the “E Juice Shop Categories” page located under the “E Juice Wholesale” drop down TAB found on the top & footer Menus. The “E Juice Wholesale Shop” page offers many flavor Categories.

Also, you can shop by E Juice Brands which is easier if you are already familiar with our product lines. Our E Juice Brands can easily be found in our Main Menu. You can easily return to any Category Shopping page by using the “Main Menu” located on all product & shop pages.


Where Are Your Coupon Promotions2018-12-14T02:01:22-08:00

Where Are Your Coupon Promtions

Where Are Your Coupon Promotions? Our Coupon Promotions can be found on our “E Juice Daily Deals” page. Many of our E Juice Coupons are automatically applied for you at Cart with a few exceptions, no need to remember or manually enter any Coupon Codes.

Simply meet the Coupon Requirements at Cart and enter your discount coupon into the Have A Promotional Code? box at cart then click apply coupon.

If You Have A Problem Or Question About Our Coupons, “Contact Us.”

When Is My Credit Card Charged2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

When Is My Credit Card Charged

When Is My Credit Card Charged? Your Credit Card will be charged immediately through our secure, PCI Compliant payment processor. However, it may take a business day or 2 before you see the charge on your Credit Card account. The charge will appear on your credit card statement from our parent company as DCD Enterprises Ltd.

Where Do I Find Prices2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

Where Do I Find Prices

Where Do I Find Prices. You must have “A Membership Account” to view prices which are found on all product pages.

See our cost saving Memberships for more info.

Do You Add Tax2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

Do You Add Tax

No one enjoys paying tax any more than we enjoy collecting them! As a registered business in Canada, we are bound by law to collect and submit GST, PST & HST taxes when applicable.

The GST tax is collected and paid to the Federal Gov’t on all orders. If your Province demands the HST, then it will be added to your order at which ever rate for your territory.

In most cases, PST is not collected.

Payment Methods2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

Payment Methods

Payment Methods:

What payment methods does Justejuice offer?


E-Transfer is currently our default payment method, not to be confused with Interac Online direct debit. Also, most Banks and Credit Unions offer their Customers this service under the heading, “Transfers.” within your Bank Account Menu.

In addition, you must have online banking set up through your financial institution to send e-transfers. Furthermore, once e-transfers are set up through your Financial Institution you never need to re-set them up again and you can make all future purchases at Justejuice in this manner.

Finally, if you are unfamiliar with e-transfers, you can view our “Payment Methods” Page, or go to the Interac Information Website to view the Demo.

Please visit our “Payment Methods” page for more detailed information.

If You Have Any Ordering Questions, Please Contact Us

Note: You must see a “SUCCESS” Page, otherwise your order has not been completed and we will not have received your order.

Do You Process Back Orders2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

Do You Process Back Orders

Do You Process Back Orders. Our system does not currently allow, nor do we process back orders.

How Do I Return Products2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

How Do I Return Products

Please visit our “Justejuice Policies” page for more detailed information on this subject.

Please remember to order small quantities before ordering larger quantities which helps alleviate the need for returns or exchanges.

My Order Has Not Arrived2018-11-23T19:52:37-08:00

My Order Has Not Arrived

My Order Has Not Arrived. Check your tracking information for the where a bouts of your order. If a problem exits, Contact Us immediately so that we can look into it for you.

Please view our “Shipping Info” page for more detailed information.

How Do I Track My Order2018-11-23T19:53:32-08:00

How Do I Track My Order

How Do I Track My Order. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email with a tracking link to Canada Post where you will see the status and where a bouts of your order. If you don’t receive a tracking email, contact us for the status of your order.

How Long Before My Order Ships2018-11-23T19:53:32-08:00

How Long Before My Order Ships

How Long Before My Order Ships. Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days at most. Not including weekends and Stat holidays. Large order can take longer depending on available Products in stock.

Visit our “Shipping Info” page for more info.

I Received A Wrong Product Or Order2018-11-23T19:53:32-08:00

I Received A Wrong Product Or Order

I Received A Wrong Product Or Order:

Although this is very rare, if you receive e-liquid you didn’t order, please look over your delivery receipt and compare it to your original order.

You can do this on your “My Account” page when logged in.

If a conflict exits, please immediately “Contact Us” so that we may correct the problem. We are always willing to work with you to correct any issues you may have.

How Much Is Shipping2018-11-23T19:53:33-08:00

How Much Is Shipping

How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping Costs at check out varies depending on the size & weight of your order and the shipping method you choose.

At times, we offer Free Shipping as a “Promotional Coupon” when available, to all Canadian destinations via Canada Post.

Visit our “Shipping Info” page for more info.

What is an Electronic Cigarette or Personal Vaporizer/PV?2015-11-16T16:03:05-08:00

It is a device that looks like a cigarette and is a pocket-sized battery-powered device which heats up liquid and converts it into vapor which is inhaled.

How does an e-cigarette work?2018-11-23T19:53:34-08:00

A person draws on the electronic cigarette as they would a normal cigarette and a vapor is emitted.

What does an electronic cigarette do for a traditional cigarette smoker?2015-11-16T16:04:14-08:00

The tank or cartridges contain nicotine which satisfies the cravings and also produces a vapor which simulates smoking.

So if e cigarettes are not lit are they legal to use in public?2015-11-16T16:04:46-08:00

Yes, they do not emit smoke. It is always good practice to make sure that you can use an e-cigarette in the area which you are in. Some municipalities and cities are currently trying to ban e-cigarette use in public places.

How long do the cartridges last?2015-11-16T16:05:49-08:00

This depends solely on amount of use and varies from smoker to smoker.

How do the costs compare to that of smoking traditional cigarettes?2015-11-16T16:06:24-08:00

E-Cigs are approx. 40-60% less expensive the cost of traditional cigarettes. The largest purchase will be your Electronic Cigarette kit.

Are e-liquids available in different strengths and flavors?2018-11-23T19:53:34-08:00

Please visit our “E Liquid Retail Vape Guides” page for more information.

Can I use other manufacturers cartridges and accessories?2015-11-16T16:09:14-08:00

Only use the recommended accessories etc that are compatible with the unit you buy.

How long do the batteries and atomizers last?2015-11-16T16:10:02-08:00

One of the most commonly asked questions that is asked about Electronic Cigarettes is how long do they last? As with any electronic product, Electronic Cigarettes do have a life expectancy depending on their frequency of use. The Joyetech Ego-C provides the user plenty of vape and satisfaction but the atomizer will eventually need replacing. Cartomizer/Clearomizer units on the other hand, such as the CE4-V2 & CE5 provide superior vape but their life expectancy for a Heavy User is 2-3 weeks at best before they will need to be replaced. It is difficult for anyone to predict the length of time these products will last any given user.

What is Vape Juice | E-Liquid E-Juice?2018-11-23T19:53:34-08:00

Eliquid is the solution used in an electronic cigarette to produce its vapor, flavor, and in some cases “throat hit” (Throat hit is a term used to describe the bite in your throat produced by nicotine eliquid vapor.)

Always read the labels and be aware of E Juice contents before vaping!

What Ingredients are in Eliquid?2018-11-23T19:53:34-08:00

Eliquid recipes vary from one company to the next, however all contain the same types of ingredients.
Eliquid starts with a base, which is the part used to create the vapor produced. The base of an eliquid is made from a mixture of propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin at various mix ratios.
Water soluble, natural and artificial flavoring ingredients are added to the eliquid base to create the variety of flavors we offer.
Some e-liquids may also contain small amounts of food grade alcohol, and or distilled water.

What is Propylene Glycol?2015-11-16T16:12:53-08:00

Propylene Glycol is a food grade chemical used in a large number of applications as an additive in cosmetic, medicine, and food products.
Propylene glycol is used in many food products as a flavoring carrier. Propylene glycol is non toxic, and is also found in many food products including food coloring’s, flavorings, and snow cones.
Propylene glycol has a slight irritating effect when inhaled. This effect is used to better mimic the irritation caused by inhaling tobacco smoke.

What Are The Symptoms If I Am Intolerant To Propylene Glycol?2018-11-23T19:53:34-08:00

Some individuals are allergic, or intolerant to propylene glycol. Common indications of a reaction to propylene glycol may be a warm, tingly, or burning sensation in your mouth or tongue. If you experience any side effects of this sort we suggest speaking to a medical professional or trying one of our predominantly vegetable glycerin based e-liquid.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?2018-11-23T19:53:35-08:00

Some individuals are allergic, or intolerant to propylene glycol. Common indications of a reaction to propylene glycol may be a warm, tingly, or burning sensation in your mouth or tongue. If you experience any side effects of this sort we suggest speaking to a medical professional or trying one of our predominantly vegetable glycerin based e-liquid.

What Are The Symptoms If I Am Intolerant To Vegetable Glycerin?2018-11-23T19:53:35-08:00

Some individuals are allergic, or intolerant to vegetable glycerin. Common indications of a reaction to vegetable glycerin may include a heavy feeling of phlegm, or liquid buildup in your lungs, or irritation in your throat, lungs or mouth. If you experience any side effects of this sort we suggest speaking to a medical professional or trying a predominantly propylene glycol based e-liquid.

Why Is 70% PG to 30% VG The Best?2018-11-23T19:53:35-08:00

The 70% PG to 30%VG ratio is the best because doesn’t clog your clearomizer or tank unit. This mixture produces less vape and is much easier on vape hardware & vape ware. Our commercial PG 70:30 ratio blend contains roughly 70% food grade propylene glycol, and 30% pure organic vegetable glycerin.

There have been many changes to the PG VG content in E Juice, Please Visit, “E Liquid Wholesale Vape Guides” page for more information on this subject.

How Much Pure Organic Vegetable Glycerin Is In Your VG E-Juice2018-11-23T19:53:35-08:00

Our VG/PG ratio has reduced PG and contains under 15% propylene glycol and 85% pure organic vegetable glycerin. Unlike most predominant vegetable glycerin eliquids which are too thick to properly vape, we’ve thinned the consistency of our 85% VG line to ensure it functions properly in your Clearomizer/Cartomizer devices.
Our 85% VG e-liquid line is our recommendation for anyone who would prefer a mostly VG base e-liquid flavor.

Please view our “E Liquid Retail Vape Guides” page for more details.

What is Diacetyl?2018-11-23T19:53:35-08:00

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is an artificial flavoring ingredient which is commonly used in food products and naturally occurs in many types of alcohol. Diacetyl has a buttery flavor, and is commonly added to oil based butter substitutes, and microwave popcorn.
Studies in recent years have shown that exposure to the vapor created when diacetyl is heated can increase the risk of bronchiolitis obliterans which is a very serious lung disease.
Due to the risks associated with the use of Diacetyl containing flavoring ingredients we ensure that all flavorings used in our premium e-liquids are free of this potentially harmful chemical.

What is Acetoin?2015-11-16T15:54:34-08:00

Acetoin is a flavoring ingredient similar to diacetyl which is used in the food industry to create a buttery flavor. Studies have shown that Acetoin can under certain circumstances react with other flavoring ingredients or chemicals to create diacetyl traces. Due to this we ensure that our flavors are free of Acetoin, as well as Diacetyl.

My battery doesn’t seem to be charging properly or holding charge?2018-11-23T19:53:36-08:00

Clean all contact surfaces of your battery, atomizer tank etc with a dry paper towel, resemble and try again. If this does not fix the problem, recharge the battery again. If your battery is older than 4 months it may need replacing. It may also be that the atomizer/cartomizer is no longer heating up the fluid and it needs replacing. If you have another atomizer swap them and try again.

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